Wenshan Transportation

Lying in the southeast of Yunnan Province, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture neighbors Baise in the Guangxi Province. It is bounded on the south by Burma. Wenshan City, the government seat of the prefecture is about 310 kilometers (193 miles) from Kunming. It is convenient for travelers to transfer to Kunming or other place.

How to Get in 


Puzhehei Airport
The Puzhehei Airport of Wenshan is located in Yanshan County. It is a national lateral airport. The tourists can arrive in Kunming by air first, and then take buses to Wenshan.

Wenshan Puzhehei Airport stands 5 kilometers (3 miles) south of Yanshan County, 23 kilometers (14 miles) from Wenshan City. At present, it has flights to Kuming, Nanning and connecting flight to Guangzhou through Nanning.

2. High-speed rail

You can take high-speed rail from Kunming South Railway Station to Wenshan.

Guangnan Railway Station: South of Tonggu Square, Wenshan

Puzhehei Railway Station: Qiubei County, Wenshan

Funing Railway Station: Xinhua Town, Funing County, Wenshan

Guangnan County Railway Station: Nanhuan Road, Guangnan County, Wenshan

Zhulin Railway Station: Laoyi Road, Guangnan County, Wenshan

Highways are the major means of transportation in Wenshan Region, with Wenshan County as the transportation center. The Beiqiao Passenger Transportation Station of Wenshan County is on the Beiqiao Road ( Tel: 0876-2122886). Every day there are buses going to all parts of Wenshan Region, to Nanning, Yulin, Baise in Guangxi, to Xingyi in Guizhou, and to Kaiyuan, Gejiu, Mengzi, Pingbian and Hekou in Honghe Region. If you take Volvo to Kunming, that will cost you 101 yuan per person; if it is Eveko, that is 62 yuan per person. The Nanqiao Passenger Transportation Station of Wenshan Region is on the Nanqiao Road (Tel: 0876-2122343). There are every day buses going to Yanshan, Guangnan and other parts in the Wenshan Region, but no buses going out of the Region. Almost all buses of the two Passenger Transportation Stations are installed with air-conditioners, and are in good conditions.

The Transportation Company of the Autonomous Region of Wenshan
Address: Zhongling Road, Wenshan
Tel: 0876-2122946, 2122546

How to Get Around


The Nanqiao Passenger Transportation Station
Address: Nanqiao Road, Wenshan
Tel: 0876-2122343

The Beiqiao Passenger Transportation Station
Address: Beiqiao Road, Wenshan
Tel: 0876-2122886

2. Taxi

Local drivers are enthusiastic. They will offer the warm service.