Wenshan Culture

The principle nationalities inhabiting the prefecture are the Zhuang and the Miao. They have different habit of living: Zhuang used to live at the headwaters region, while Miao like to live at the top of a mountain. The ancestor of Miao was good at hunting. The hunters were often injured and bleeding. They chewed a kind of weed and used the chewed weed to put on the wound to stop the bleeding, the wound was sealed just like by a lacquer. It is now one of the famous medicines in China. Wenshan city is a multi-cultural city with many ethnic minority groups, including the Zhuang, the Miao, the Yi, the Buyi, the Hui, the Yao, and the Bai. They live together harmoniously and retain their cultural legacy and life practices. The Zhuang people account for approximately one third of the prefecture's total population, while the Miao and the Yi account for 12% and 10% of the total, respectively. Wenshan Zhuang-Miao Autonomous Prefecture is in southeastern Yunnan Province. Ethnic minorities make up more than half the total population. Therefore, celebrating the festivals altogether with local minorities in the most interesting thing. Danu Festival is the grandest festival of the whole for the Yao ethnic minority. 


Sanyuesan Festival of the Zhuang people

Caihuashan Festival of the Miao people

Panwang Festival of Yao people

Torch Festival of the Bai people

Ethnic Town

Bamei Town of Guangnan County in Wenshan Prefecture 广南县坝美镇

Dongbo Yao Ethnic Town of Funing County in Wenshan Prefecture 富宁县洞波瑶族乡

Shede Yi Ethnic Town of Qiubei County in Wenshan Prefecture丘北县舍得彝族乡


Ethnic Village

Pisa Village of Zhela Town in Yanshan County, Wenshan 文山壮族苗族自治州砚山县者腊乡批洒村

Xiamiha Village of Zhetai Town in Guangnan County, Wenshan文山州广南县者太乡未昔村委会下米哈村
Baishiyan Village of Panlong Yi Ethnic Town in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山县盘龙彝族乡白石岩彝族村
 Chengzhai Village (Bailuo Ethnic People) of Donggan Town in Malipo County, Wenshan 文山壮族苗族自治州麻栗坡县董干镇新寨村委会城寨村

Masa Village of Baizhen Town in Maguan County, Wenshan 文山壮族苗族自治州马关县马白镇马洒村

Bazhaijiejiao Village of Bazhai Town in Maguan County, Wenshan 文山壮族苗族自治州马关县八寨镇八寨街脚村