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Inner Mongolia tour impresses us most by its vast jade grassland, Mongolian ethnic customs and historical relics. It offers us attractions such as Zhaojun Tomb(昭君墓), Five Pagodas Temple (五塔寺), Dazhao Temple(大昭寺), Mausoleum of Genghis Khan (成吉思汗陵) for Inner Mongolia culture tour, from which we can get to know the history and culture development of Inner Mongolia; Inner Mongolia grassland tours focused on  Hulunbuire Grassland,  Xilamuren Grassland(希拉穆仁草原), Huitengxile Grassland(辉腾锡勒) and Gegentala Grassland(格根塔拉草原) for tourists to experience the prairie culture like horse riding, wrestling and other activities; Inner Mongolia ethnic tours themed on Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe(金帐汗国蒙古部落), Taiping Village in Hulunbuir City,Aoluguya Ewenke National Township( 敖鲁古雅鄂温克民族乡) as well as their biggest Nadam Festival; Besides theses, Inner Mongolia also provides desert tours in Kubuqi Desert and the unique Whistling Dune Bay (Xiangshawan Desert). China Dragon Tour can also customize Inner Mongolia tour packages for you on your specific requirements. 

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