Dujiangyan Festivals and Events

Dujiangyan Water-releasing Festival

Dujiangyan Water-releasing Festival, held around the Qingming festival, was listed to the first batch of Unique Culture Hertiage Record in 2006. It is the grandest festival in Dujiangyan and has been held every year since 978. People celebrate this festival to commemorate the builders of Dujiangyan Irrigation System Li Bing and his son.

Dujiangyan Summer Night Beer Festival

As the charming sight of Dujiangyan night life, Dujiangyan Summer Night Beer Festival has became a traditional festival held at Dujiangyan Nanqiao Plaza. From every May to October, thousands of beer fans comes to enjoy beer and delicious food, with joy and gladsome cheer.

Li Bing Culture International Tourism Festival

Each year on twenty-fourth day of the sixth lunar month, Li Bing Culture International Tourism Festival is hosted at the Erwang Temple in Dujiangyan Scenic Spot with a grand sacrifice ritual to worship Li Bing and his son who has made great contributions to the construction of of Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and the prosperity of Chengdu Plain.

Dujiangyan Chenghuang Temple’s blessing ceremony

Held in Yulei Mountain of Dujiangyan, the magnicent Blessing Ceremony is a cultural activity of Tianfu people to appreciate and worship ancestry, and to pray for blessing from ancestors. The first event was held on October 4, 2012.

Taoism cultural festival

With the subject headings "Natural, Life, Harmony and Development”, the events happens every September at Qingcheng Mountain in Dujiangyan city, including Taoist music, art of tea-making, dietary display, martial arts, cultural relics and calligraphy and painting on Taoism. Etc.

Dujiangyan Space Journey

Recomposed on the basis of Shanghai ERA Intersection of Time, the fantasy drama Dujiangyan Space Journey has blended with the intangible cultural heritages, such as changing face of Sichuan Opera and folk culture of western Sichuan.