Dujiangyan Administrative Divisions

This part gives you a detailed information about Dujiangyan Administrative Divisions. Dujiangyan, the county-level city of Chengdu, has 5 subdistricts, 13 towns, 1 township, 1 provincial economic and technological development zone. People's government of the city sits at Guankou Subdistrict.

  • 5 Subdistricts: Guankou Subdistric(灌口街道), Xingfu Subdistric(幸福街道), Yongfeng Subdistric(永丰街道), Kuiguangta(奎光塔街道) Subdistric, Yinxing Subdistric(银杏街道)
  • 13 Towns: Anlong Town(安龙镇), Chongyi Town(崇义镇), Daguan Town(大观镇), Juyuan Town(聚源镇), Liujie Town(柳街镇), Longchi Town(龙池镇), Puyang Town(蒲阳镇), Qingchengshan Town(青城山镇), Shiyang Town(石羊镇), Tianma Town(天马镇), Xujia Town(胥家镇), Yutang Town(玉堂镇), Zhongxing Town(中兴镇)
  • 1 Township: Xiang'e Township(向峨乡)
  • 1 provincial economic and technological development zone: Dujiangyan Economic and Technological Development Zone(都江堰经济开发区)

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