Dujiangyan Dining

What to Eat in Dujiangyan

Located in the outskirts of Chengdu, various food in Dujiangyan is characterized with Sichuan flavor but more featured than Chengdu city. Besides the classic Sichuan cuisine, there are Four Superb Product of Qingcheng presenting the Taoism, namely Ginkgo Nuts Stewed Chicken,Taoist Pickled Vegetables, Dongtian Milk Punch and Qingcheng Tribute Tea. Also Qingcheng bacon is unique for its flavor and long aftertaste. During Dujiangyan Summer Night Beer Festival, there are many delicious food at night, such as river prawn, small fish and crab. It is really enjoyable to have some tasty foods by the river at night.

What’s more, many local snacks could be found here in Dujiangyan City. Besides some famous Chengdu snacks, there are also lots of snacks with local characteristics, such as Rabbit Head, Zhazha Noodles, Cold Noodles, Guo Boiled Dumpling, etc.

Where to Eat in Dujiangyan

When you come to Dujiangyan, don’t miss the authentic local specialty. This streetside restaurant is a true institution of Dujiangyan dining. It is a good chance to experience authentic Sichuanese food in Dujiangyan, especially in some time-honoured restaurant. Here we list some famous time-honoured restaurant for your choice.

Jun Shou Fu:

Cooked with raw materials such as wild fish from Minjiang River, wild mushrooms from mountains, Jun Shou Fu can make diversified fresh dishes.

Laoguan Town Wang’ s Chicken Restaurant:

As the third generation of Wang’s chicken, Wang Yong, the owner of the restaurant, strictly selects the raw materials chicken of high-quality, as well as ingredients and seasoning, such as Canola oil and two Vitex pepper.

Kuyuan Laifeng Fish:

This restaurant is  featured in rivers and lakes food, folk cuisine, and countryside cuisine based on the nutritious and green diet philosophy.

Raotihua Chinese Restaurant:

With a history of more than 10 years, it mainly offers pig-knuckle soup, which is a dish popular among the public.

Guo’s Chicken Juyuan Head Restaurant:

Established in 1992, it is a chain restaurant offering pot-stewed dishes, which has won preference from customers ever since its establishment.

Ma Lao Er Spicy Fish:

Offering spicy fish for 13 years, it is a representative of local dishes, spicy, fragrant, tender and delicious.

Bygones of West Street:

The oldest private kitchen of West Street. If you want to taste the most authentic and classic local dish of Dujiangyan, just come to Bygone of West Street.

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