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What to Buy in Dujiangyan

Dujiangyan boasts a variety of local foods and specialties, among which the most famous is Four Superb Product of Qingcheng, as well as Qingchengshan old bacon. Due to Mount Qingcheng is the birthplace of Taoism, these local specialties are also featured with Taoism. Besides, some other local products like artworks are also good gifts for your family or friends.

Four Superb Product of Qingcheng

  • Ginkgo Stewed Chicken: It is a famous dish in this area for you could sample it whichever season you come. Surrounded by mountains and green trees, it is abound with Ginkgo and good chicken. This nourishing soup is good for health because the chicken is stewed with ginkgo nuts and ginseng, very appetizing and scrumptious.
  • Taoist Pickled Vegetables: Most people are familiar with Sichuan paocai (“pickled vegetables”), while it is said that the best kind of Sichuan paocai were made by a woman from Mount Qingcheng. Also the high quality of water adds a special taste to the pickling broth. There are various kinds, including cucumber, cowpea, pepper, garlic, radish and cabbage, etc, with a refreshing taste of sour and spicy.
  • Dongtian Milk Punch: With a history of 1200 years, the No.1 of Four Superb Product of Qingcheng, Dongtian Milk Wine is brewed with the local kiwi fruit as raw material and the unique mineral water from Mount Qingcheng, by the traditional method of Taoism, rich in nutrition and with therapeutic effects.
  • Qingcheng Tribute Tea: With thousands of years of production in the area, Qingcheng Tribute Tea is made by eleven working process, rich in amino acids, tea polyphenols and trace elements, and used to be the tribute to ancient emperors in the past dynasties.

Qingchengshan Old Bacon

As one of the famous dishes in Dujiangyan, Qingchengshan old bacon is favored by Chinese and foreign tourists for its organic pork, long history and delectable flavor, which can be stored for a long time. It is usually fully soused by salt and Sichuan pepper, then smoked with the cypress branches and leaves. With black yellow appearance, clear layer and golden flesh, it is highly praised for its rich flavour and long aftertaste. There are several methods to eat, including steaming, frying or stewing.


Ranking the first of the eight major Chinese medicinal herbs in Dujiangyan city, it is a common Chinese herbal, which has the functions for all Blood and Qi stasis patterns. It is famous for big tuber, high quality, rich aroma, and unique curative effect.

Where to Buy in Dujiangyan

Almost all this specialties could be found around Nanqiao Bridge or in local supermarket, such as Walmart or RT-MART.

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