Changsha Travel Tips

In order to provide a comfortable tour for visitors, China Dragon Tours provides the detailed information about useful numbers, hospitals, banks, post offices and expresses and other information related to Changsha Tour.

1. Useful Numbers of Changsha

Fire 119
Police 110
Ambulance 120
Consumers' Complaint 12315
Weather 12121
Price Supervision 0731-84011087 
Inquiry Office of East Bus Station 0731-84611731 
Taxi Complaint 0731-84610688
Inquiry Office of South Bus Station   0731-85630505
Inquiry Office of West Bus Station   0731-88816332/8881655
Inquiry Office of Passenger Ship  0731-82222307 
Inquiry Office of Changsha Railway Station 0731-82637122

2. Expresses and Post Offices in Changsha

  • Wangchengpo Post Office(望城坡邮政所)
    Address: No. 48 of Fenlin No. 3 Road, Yuelu District(岳麓区枫林三路48号)
    Tel: (0731)88815296
  • Leifeng Branch Post Office(雷锋邮政支局)
    Address: No. 1366 of Fenglin No. 3 Road(枫林三路1366号)
    Tel: (0731)88105156
  • Post Office in Yuelu District(岳麓区局)
    Address: No. 27 Yingwan Road, Yuelu District(岳麓区溁湾路27号)
    Tel: (0731)88857945
  • Yuhua Renhe Post Office(雨花仁和邮政所)
    Address: No. 56 Yuzhu Road, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市雨花区玉竹路56)
    Tel: (0731)85647165
  • Post Office in Xinghuo Avenue(火星大道邮政所)
    Address: No. 61 of No. 1 Section, Middle Wanjiali Road, Furong District(芙蓉区万家丽中路一段61号)
    Tel: (0731)84780762
  • Sifangping Post Office(四方坪邮政所)
    Address: Shuangyong Road, Kaifu District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市开福区双拥路)
    Tel: (0731)82291411
  • Shumuling Post Office(树木岭邮政所)
    Address: No. 105 Shumuling Road, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市雨花区树木岭路105号)
    Tel: (0731)85675212
  • YTO Express(圆通快递)
    Address: Unit 7, No. 30 Building, Huaxiang Settlement Area, Changsha County, Changsha(长沙市长沙县华湘安置区30栋7单元)
    Tel: 95554
  • STO Express(申通快递)
    Address: East 50 meters of No. 107 Side Road of National Highway(107国道辅路东50米)
    Tel: 95543,4008895543
  • Hengbang Logistics(恒邦物流)
    Address: Junction of Leigongling Road and Shitang Road(雷公岭路与石塘路交叉口)
    Tel: (0731)82800000
  • STO Express(Changxing Road)(申通快递(长星路店))
    Address: No. 389 Changxing Road, Longping Hi-tech Park(隆平高科技园长星路389号)
    Tel: (0731)82965588
  • Jiantao Logistics(建涛物流)
    Address: Changsha County, Changsha City(长沙市长沙县)
    Tel: (0731)86170172,13077345537

3. Banks in Changsha

  • China Construction Bank(Zhongnan Sub-branch)(中国建设银行(中南支行))
    Address: No. 9 Shizhong Road(时中路9号)
    Tel: (0731)84089627,(0731)84089626
  • China Construction Bank(Mapoling Sub-branch)(中国建设银行(长沙马坡岭支行))
    Address: No. 360 of Yuanda Er Road(远大二路360号)
    Tel: (0731)82289140
  • China Construction Bank(Xingsha Sub-branch)(中国建设银行(长沙星沙支行))
    Address: Floor 1 of Xinglong International Square, No. 88 Kaiyuan Road, Changsha County, Changsha City, Hunan(湖南省长沙市长沙县开元路88号星隆国际广场1楼)
    Tel: (0731)84020446
  • China Construction Bank(Sub-branch in North Xiangjiang Road)(中国建设银行(长沙湘江北路支行))
    Address: (湘江大道11868)
    Tel: (0731)89923831
  • Bank of Communications(Qingzhuhu Sub-branch)交通银行(长沙青竹湖支行)
    Address: Floor 1 of No. 2 Building of Guanshanyue, Qingzhuhu Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City, Hunan(湖南省长沙市开福区青竹湖路观山悦2栋一层)
    Tel: (0731)84150478,(0731)84150478
  • Agricultural Bank of China(Xincheng Sub-branch)(中国农业银行(长沙新城支行)
    Address: No. 508 Changsha Avenue, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市雨花区长沙大道508号)
    Tel: (0731)88857909
  • Agricultural Bank of China(Dongfang Sub-branch)(中国农业银行(长沙东方支行))
    Address: No. 188 Hehua Road, Furong District, Changsha(长沙市芙蓉区荷花路188号)
    Tel: (0731)84724839
  • Agricultural Bank of China(Sub-branch in Changsha County)(中国农业银行(长沙县支行))
    Address: No. 6 Sanyi Road, Changsha County(长沙县三一路6号)
    Tel: (0731)84029031
  • China Construction Bank(Xiangjiang Sub-branch)(中国建设银行(长沙湘江支行))
    Address: No. 169 Xiangchun Road(湘春路169号)
    Tel: (0731)84314245
  • China Merchants Bank(Fenghuangcheng Sub-branch)(招商银行(凤凰城支行))
    Address: Floor 1-2 of No. 113 Shop, No. 5 Building of Phase III Xingsha Fenghuangcheng(星沙凤凰城3期5栋113商铺1-2层)
    Tel: (0731)84015915
  • Changsha Bank(Xingcheng Sub-branch)(长沙银行(星城支行))
    Address: No. 17 Middle Kaiyuan Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changsha(长沙市经济技术开发区开元中路17号)
    Tel: (0731)84024531
  • China Merchants Bank(招商银行)
    Address: Junction of Qiuyue Road and North Hangxing Road, Kaifu District(开福区秋月路与杭兴北路交叉口)
    Tel: (0731)84350108

4. Hospitals in Changsha

  • Xiangya No. 3 Hospital of Central South University(中南大学湘雅三医院)
    Address: No. 138 Tongzipo Road, Yuelu District, Changsha(长沙市岳麓区桐梓坡路138号)
    Tel: (0731)88638888/(0731)88618577,(0731)88618120
  • Hunan People's Hospital(湖南省人民医院)
    Address: No. 61 West Jiefang Road, Furong District, Changsha(长沙市芙蓉区解放西路61号)
    Tel: (0731)82278120
  • Changsha No. 4 Hospital(长沙市第四医院)
    Address: No. 70 Lushan Road, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市岳麓区麓山路70号)
    Tel: (0731)88888120
  • Hunan Hangtian Hospital(湖南航天医院)
    Address: No. 189 Fenglin San Road, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市岳麓区枫林三路189号)
    Tel: (0731)88149120
  • No. 2 People's Hospital in Changsha County(长沙县第二人民医院)
    Address: No. 4 Xinjian Road, Langli Town, Changsha County, Changsha City(长沙市长沙县榔梨镇新建路4号)
    Tel: (0731)86802278
  • Changsha Central Hospital(长沙市中心医院)
    Address: No. 161 South Shaoshan Road, Changsha City, Hunan(湖南省长沙市韶山南路161号)
    Tel: (0731)85668156
  • Changsha Tianma Hospital(长沙天马医院)
    Address: Unit 1 of No. 70 Building, Tianma Community, Yuelu District, Changsha(长沙市岳麓区天马小区70栋1单元)
    Tel: (0731)82651777
  • Changsha Guanshan Hospital(长沙市观沙医院)
    Address: No. 327 Yinshan Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan(湖南省长沙市岳麓区银杉路327号)
    Tel: (0731)85566397
  • Changsha No. 1 Hospital(长沙市第一医院)
    Address: No. 311 Yingpan Road, Kaifu District, Changsha(长沙市开福区营盘路311号)
    Tel: (0731)84910097,(0731)84667680,(0731)84911120
  • Hunan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine(湖南省中医院)
    Address: No. 233 North Caie Road, Kaifu District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市开福区蔡锷北路233号)
    Tel: (0731)84917729,(0731)84910120
  • Changsha Puhui Hospital(长沙普惠医院)
    Address: Building A1 of B Area, Yuebei Community, Yinshan Road(银杉路岳北社区B区A1栋)
    Tel: (0731)83397120

5. Best Time to Visit Changsha

Changsha is a place to visit all year round.

  • Spring(April to May): Spring is a season that all comes into life. All leaves are verdan, the buds are tender, and misty landscapes are likely to show after the rain. Of course, it is the one of the best time to visit Changsha.
  • Summer(June to August): Although it is hot in summer, especially in the daytime, it is the best time to  visit Yuelu Mountain.
  • Autumn(September to November): Autumn is a harvest season, also a tourism season. The beauty of Changsha in autumn will always make you enjoy yourselves so much as to forget to leave.
  • Winter(December to March of the next year): It is the season that is possible to see the snow in Changsha.

6. Things to Do in Changsha

Characterized by spectacular landscapes, charming natural scenery and diverse ethnic customs, Changsha is an impressive region to visit. Hunan Provincial Museum has five permanent exhibitions in its permanent collection, among which the Mawangdui Han Tomb exhibition is an important part of the museum's permanent collection. Mount Yuelu Scenic Area is a mountainous area characterized by jagged peaks and an old, but dense forest, and by a valley with rivers and lakes that abound in flora and fauna. It is  a cultural-historical site, and also a site of revolutionary monuments. Yuelu Academy is the most ancient academy in China. It was established in A.D 960, Northern Song Dynasty. In AD 1015, the academy became famous for the highest-quality study base. Orange Isle in the Xiangjiang River formed in the 305 AD, covered by the flourished and aged trees. The name of isle was derived from a famous poem of Chairman Mao Zedong, also well-known for its product, the orange. It is difficult to list all attractions in Changsha one by one. If you want to know detailed information about attractions in Changsha, you can see the introduction of attractions in the following. Of course, you can contact us for more detailed information. Therefore, come here, we can always find the right attractions for you according to your requirements. In fact, when you choose to go to Hunan, what you meet will be a dreamy trip.

7. How to Get to Changsha

Changsha has the very convenient transportation in air, railway, highway and watercourse. Changsha Huanghua International Airport is the largest and best-equipped in Hunan Province with capability of handling 4,600,000 passengers every year and also famous as one of the top 20 busiest airports in China. The complex watercourses spread the whole of city, which there are over one hundred watercourses including Xiangjiang River and Dongting Lake. What's more, there are three national highway 107, 319 and 106 that pass through the city and connect most large and moderate cities of China.

8. Other Travel Tips for Visiting Changsha

What to Pack

  • Spring: wind coat, jacket and thin sweaters.
  • Summer: In order to get a comfortable trip to Changsha in summer, these things are necessary, such as T-shirt, shorts, a light coat, sunglasses, a sun hat, a pair of hiking shoes. Of course, the mosquito repellant and raincoat are your best choices.
  • Autumn: wind coat, jacket and thin sweaters.
  • Winter:  thick coat and sweater, cotton wadded jacket.

What to Notice

1. In China, please had better not travel in peak seasons, such as Chinese New YearInternational Labor Day and National Day. If you want to experience the traditional festival culture, Taking a tour during the traditional festivals of China can get the opportunity to experience the festivals culture.

2. Be careful of the changeable temperature. A few chilly days could be followed by relatively hot weather. So it is better to take some early winter clothes to protect you away from the sudden low temperature.