Changsha Culture

Changsha, the capital of Hunan, is not only fascinating with local culture and human landscapes, but also its colorful ethnic customs, simple folk customs, unique regional culture, such as farming, festivals, costumes, diet and daily life, weddings and funerals, architecture, language, religious beliefs, etc. constitute a rich and colorful folk customs picture for your Changsha Travel.

Ethnic Groups in Changsha

In 2010, there were 54 ethnic minorities in Changsha including Tujia, Miao, Dong, Yao, Hui, Kazak, Kirgiz, Monba, Hezhen, Yugur, Oroqen, and Uzbek, totaling 73,500. The ethnic minorities of more than 10,000 people are Tujia and Miao.

Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Changsha

Order Number Name Sex Date of Birth Project Name Declaration Place Classification
01-0080 Liu Aiyun(刘爱云) Female 1938.12 Hunan Embroidery(湘绣) Changsha Hunan Traditional Art
02-0418 Fu Yiping(傅艺萍) Female 1964.08 Kun Opera(昆曲) Hunan Traditional Drama
02-0419 Zhang Fuguang(张富光) Male 1957.01 Hunan Embroidery(湘绣) Hunan Traditional Drama
03-0966 Lei Ziwen(雷子文) Male 1943.07 Hunan Embroidery(湘绣) Hunan Traditional Drama
03-1139 Zeng Jingui(曾金贵) Male 1938.03 Hunan Opera(湘剧) Changsha Traditional Drama
03-1140 Cao Rulong(曹汝龙) Male 1949.07 Hunan Opera(湘剧) Changsha Traditional Drama
03-1170 Peng Yankun(彭延坤) Male 1937.05.09 Changsha Soochow Lyrics(长沙弹词) Changsha Chinese Folk Art Forms
03-1342 Zhong Ziqi(钟自奇) Male 1956.12 Liuyang FirEworks Manufacturing Skill(浏阳花炮制作技艺) Liuyang City, Changsha Traditional Skill
04-1666 Li Guixiang(李桂香) Female 1943.08 Chinese Shadow Puppetry(皮影戏) Hunan Traditional Drama
04-1769 Liu Jianxin(柳建新) Female 1951.09 Hunan Embroidery(湘绣) Changsha, Hunan Traditional Art
04-1770 Jiang Zaihong(江再红) Female 1968.03 Hunan Embroidery(湘绣) Changsha Traditional Art
05-2180 Qiu Shaoqiu(邱少求) Male   Music of Oblation Confucius for Confucius Temples in Liuyang(浏阳文庙祭孔音乐) Liuyang City, Changsha Traditional Music
05-2529 Zou Kunshan(邹昆山) Male   Hunan Yu-drum(湖南渔鼓) Hunan Chinese Folk Art Forms
05-2879 Liu Kunting(刘坤庭) Male   Changsha Tongguanyao Pottery Firing Skill(长沙铜官窑陶瓷烧制技艺) Wangcheng District, Changsha Traditional Skill

Dining Culture of Changsha

Hunan Cuisine, known as Xiang Cuisine, as one of the eight cuisines in China is characterized by plenty of oil and gorgeous outlook. Chefs in Hunan province are adept at making spicy and hot dishes, dried meat, and pickles. Changsha, capital of Hunan province, is the centre of Hunan cuisine and the city of dainties. Therefore, city-dwellers in Changsha are well reputed as foodies. Some renowned Hunan cuisine dishes in Changsha are spicy chicken and sesame crisp duck. In the meanwhile, its snacks are as famous as the cuisine. Not only are they countless in number, but also unique in flavor. Stinky tofu is just a typical snack in Changsha that enjoys great popularity.

Living Culture of Changsha

It occupies an area of 11,816, and has a population of around 8 million. Surrounding the city are the beautiful Yuelu, Dawei and Weishan mountains, and the Xiangjiang river runs from north to south. As a famous ancient city with a history spanning 3,500 years, Changsha is among the first group of Chinese cultural and historical cities open to tourists, and was listed in China's top 10 ecological, liveable and leisure cities. 

Local Products Culture

The local products of Changsha are known as "Three Incomparable Products", namely, Hunan Embroidery, Palm Fibre Weaving, Chrysanthemum Stone Carving.