Changsha Dining

Changsha not only has beautiful sceneries, but also the food of Changsha can capture your heart and stomach quickly. The Tujia dining of Changsha has both strong Tujia Minority Group characteristics and the essence of Hunan Cuisine. Spicy, is the feature of Hunan Cuisine. What's more, the cook can skillfully prepare many dishes with a delicious taste and a beautiful presentation by adding various seasonings and adopting a wide variety of cooking techniques.

What to Eat in Changsha

Changsha-style Stinky Tofu(长沙臭豆腐)

This dish is prepared by soaking the tofu in a brine and fermenting it for a number of months. Different styles take different colours but the Changsha version is coal black. It’s said that the more the tofu smells the better it tastes. Don't be scared away by the smell. The fried stinky tofu is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It is very delicious with capsicum oil, castor oil, and sauce. It was said that Chairman Mao Zedong tried this snack when he visited Changsha in 1958.

Kouwei Lobster (口味虾)

Lobster grows plentifully in the lakes. With pepper, aniseed, fennel, garlic, ginger, and other seasonings, it can be stir-fried with wine until it is done. It looks red and quite delicious, and is very hot. One cannot help eating it again and again.

Spicy Salted Duck(酱板鸭)

"Spicy Salted Duck" is a famous specialty in Changsha. The way of preparing Hunan dishes involves thirty rare Chinese traditional medicine soaking techniques, more than 10 kinds of dried spices, baking and 15 refined processes, with the finished product having dark red color, crispy flesh, long-lasting taste. It enjoys functions of promoting blood circulation, targeting spleen and stomach problems, and enhancing beauty. It is a kind of flavored food popular on both sides of the Yangtze River and widely used as a gift.

Spicy Chicken(麻辣子鸡)

This is probably the most typical local dish in Changsha. It is a representative of Hunan Cuisine. If you come to Changsha, this dish is a must-eat dish. Simply stir-fry the chicken dices with pepper, capsicum, vinegar, shaohsing wine over high heat. The finished dish should have a bright color and spicy flavor. The best place to enjoy the dish is Yuloudong Restaurant.

Three-array chicken(三层套鸡)

The three-layer chicken is a traditional dish in the Changsha area of ​​Hunan Province and belongs to the Hunan Cuisine. This dish is tender and has a delicious taste. One of the famous dishes that Changsha famous chef Liu Sanhe(柳三和) is good at. The main materials are 1 hen, 1 spring chicken, 1 pigeon, 20 grams of seasoning salt, 3 pieces of ginger, 15 grams of wine. Then the  three-layer chicken is steamed with herbs for a long time and the finished dish comprises the soup and meat for eating, which are very delicious.

Sisters' Rice Balls(姐妹团子)

These are a kind of rice balls with fillings of meat or sugar. The meatballs have mushroom pieces, meat, and spring onions inside and are made into the shape of pomegranate while the sweet balls have the fillings of sugar, dates, meat and sweet-scented osmanthus and often resemble a peach. On the day of happy events, the two are presented in contrasting colors to create a happy atmosphere.

Salt and Pepper Sanzi(椒盐馓子)

This is a wheat pasta dish fried in oil. Noodles are made from flour, a little water and some salt together with spicy flavoring and a little sugar. These are twisted together and then fried in oil. It is a popular dim sum that the local people have for breakfast.

Where to Eat in Changsha

The recommended Restaurants: 

  • Huogong Palace Restaurant(Pozi Street)(火宫殿(坡子街总店))
    Add: No. 127 Pozi Street, Tianxin District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市天心区坡子街127号)
    Tel: (0731)85814228
  • Xiangzhi Xiangwei Restaurant(Xinmin Road)(湘知湘味(新民路店))
    Add: No. 109 Xinmin Road, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市岳麓区新民路109号)
  • Chuiyan Shidai Restaurant(Wuyi Huafu)(炊烟时代(五一华府店))
    Add: No. 58 Dongpailou Road, Furong District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市芙蓉区东牌楼路58号)
    Tel: (0731)82248988
  • Hetang Yuese Restaurant(Lugu)(荷塘月色(麓谷店))
    Add: Yuelu District, Changsha(长沙市岳麓区)
    Tel: (0731)89908177,(0731)89908188
  • Huogong Palace Restaurant(Dongtang)(火宫殿(东塘店))
    Add: No. 507 North Shaoshan Road, Yuhua District, Changsha(长沙市雨花区韶山北路507号)
  • Xinfurong Restaurant(East Xiangzhang Road)(新芙蓉(香樟东路店))
    Add: The opposite of Nanya Middle School, No. 189 East Xiangzhang Road(香樟东路189号南雅中学对面)
  • Qinxiangyuan Restaurant(Middle Furong Road)(秦湘园(芙蓉中路店))
    Add: No. 301 of 2nd Section, Middle Furong Road(芙蓉中路二段301号)
  • Yizhandeng Restaurant(Yuhuating)(壹盏灯(雨花亭店))
    Add: No. 28 West Xinjian Road, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan(湖南省长沙市雨花区新建西路28号)
    Tel: (0731)88776667
  • Pentu Restaurant(Bayi Road)(彭厨(八一路店))
    Add: No. 35 Bayi Road(八一路35号)
  • Dawanchu Restaurant(Dongfeng Road)(大碗厨(东风路店))
    Add:No. 103 Dongfeng Road (东风路103号)
    Tel: (0731)84516898

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