Changsha Administrative Divisions

As of 2017, Changsha has jurisdiction over 6 districts and 1 county, and manages 2 county-level cities with total of 80 subdistrict, 95 towns, 14 townships, 715 communities, 1,169 villages. The government is located at No. 218 Yuelu Avenue, Yuelu District.

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Area( Population Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Furong District(芙蓉区) 42.8 391,875(2017) Dongtundu Subdistrict Xianghu Subdistrict(湘湖街道), Dingwangtai Subdistrict(定王台街道), Feicaiyuan Subdistrict(韭菜园街道), Wenyilu Subdistrict(文艺路街道), Chaoyangjie Subdistrict(朝阳街街道), Wulibei Subdistrict(五里牌街道), Mawangdui Subdistrict(马王堆街道), Hehuayuan Subdistrict(荷花园街道), Dongtundu Subdistrict(东屯渡街道), Huoxing Subdistrict(火星街道), Dong'an Subdistrict(东岸街道), Mapoling Subdistrict(马坡岭街道), Donghu Subdistrict(东湖街道), Longping High Technology Park(隆平高科技园)
Tianxin District(天心区) 141.05 643,400(2016) Qingyuan Subdistrict Pozijie Subdistrict(坡子街街道), Chengnanlu Subdistrict(城南路街道), Yunanjie Subdistrict(裕南街街道), Jinpenling Subdistrict(金盆岭街道), Chilinglu Subdistrict(赤岭路街道), Xinkaipu Subdistrict(新开铺街道), Wenyuan Subdistrict(文源街道), Guihuaping Subdistrict(桂花坪街道), Qingyuan Subdistrict(青园街道), Heishipu Subdistrict(黑石铺街道), Datuopu Subdistrict(大托铺街道), Xianfeng Subdistrict(先锋街道), Muyuan Subdistrict(暮云街道), Nantuo Subdistrict(南托街道)
Yuelu District(岳麓区) 552 837,900(2016) Wangyue Subdistrict Dongfanghong Subdistrict(东方红街道), Wangyuehu Subdistrict(望月湖街道), Yuelujie Subdistrict(岳麓街道), Jizizhou Subdistrict(桔子洲街道), Yinpenling Subdistrict(银盆岭街道), Guanshaling Subdistrict(观沙岭街道), Wangchengpo Subdistrict(望城坡街道), Xihu Subdistrict(西湖街道), Xianjiahu Subdistrict(咸嘉湖街道), Wangyue Subdistrict(望岳街道), Meixihu Subdistrict(梅溪湖街道), Lugu Subdistrict(麓谷街道), Pingtang Subdistrict(坪塘街道), Hanpu Subdistrict(含浦街道), Tianding Subdistrict(天顶街道), Yanghu Subdistrict(洋湖街道), Xueshi Subdistrict(学士街道), Lianhua Town(莲花镇), Yuchangping Town(雨敞坪镇)
Kaifu District(开福区) 187 48,800(2017) Furong Beilu Subdistrict Changsha Jinxia Economic Development Zone(长沙金霞经济开发区), Qingzhuhu Subdistrict(青竹湖街道), Hongshan Subdistrict(洪山街道), Wangluyuan Subdistrict(望麓园街道), Qingshuitang Subdistrict(清水塘街道), Xiangyalu Subdistrict(湘雅路街道), Wujialing Subdistrict(伍家岭街道), Xinhe Subdistrict(新河街道), Dongfenglu Subdistrict(东风路街道), Tongtaijie Subdistrict(通泰街街道), Sifangping Subdistrict(四方坪街道), Furong Beilu Subdistrict(芙蓉北路街道), Yuehu Subdistrict(月湖街道), Liuyanghe Subdistrict(浏阳河街道), Laodaohe Subdistrict(捞刀河街道), Shaping Subdistrict(沙坪街道), Xiufeng Subdistrict(秀峰街道)
Yuhua District(雨花区) 304.9 836,400(2016) Guitang Subdistrict Yuhuating Subdistrict(雨花亭街道), Zuojiatang Subdistrict(左家塘街道), Houjiatang Subdistrict(侯家塘街道), Dongtang Subdistrict(东塘街道), Shazitang Subdistrict(砂子塘街道), Gaoqiao Subdistrict(高桥街道), Guitang Subdistrict(圭塘街道), Jingwanzi Subdistrict(井湾子街道), Dongjing Subdistrict(洞井街道), Lituo Subdistrict(黎托街道), Tongsheng Subdistrict(同升街道), Dongshan Subdistrict(东山街道), Tiaoma Town(跳马镇)
Wangcheng District(望城区) 969.5  578,000 Gaotangling Subdistrict Bainuopu Town(白箬铺镇), Jinggang Town(靖港镇), Qiaokou Town(乔口镇), Chating Town(茶亭镇), Qiaoyi Town(桥驿镇), Leifeng Subdistrict(雷锋街道), Huangjinyuan Subdistrict(黄金园街道), Jinshanqiao Subdistrict(金山桥街道), Baishazhou Subdistrict(白沙洲街道), Dazehu Subdistrict(大泽湖街道), Yueliangdao Subdistrict(月亮岛街道), Wushan Subdistrict(乌山街道), Gaotangling Subdistrict(高塘岭街道), Tongguan Subdistrict(铜官街道), Dingziwan Subdistrict(丁字湾街道)
Liuyang City(浏阳市) 4999  1,491,000(2016) Guankou Subdistrict Huaichuan Subdistrict(淮川街道), Yanxi Town(沿溪镇), Zhangfang Town(张坊镇), Dayao Town(大瑶镇), Zhentou Town(镇头镇), Yongan Town(永安镇), Longfu Town(龙伏镇), Dahu Town(达浒镇), Wenjiashi Town(文家市镇), Guanqiao Town(官桥镇), Dongyang Town(洞阳镇), Chunkkou Town(淳口镇), Guandu Town(官渡镇), Gaoping Town(高坪镇), Jingang Town(金刚镇), Puji Town(普迹镇), Beisheng Town(北盛镇), Zhonghe Town(中和镇), Chengchong Town(枨冲镇), Jiaoxi Town(蕉溪镇), Gugang Town(古港镇), Chengtanjiang Town(澄潭江镇), Baijia Town(柏加镇), Shashi Town(沙市镇), Yonghe Town(永和镇), Gejia Town(葛家镇), Shegang Town(社港镇), Daweishan Town(大围山镇), Guankou Subdistrict(关口街道), Jili Subdistrict(集里街道), Hehua Subdistrict(荷花街道),  Xiaohe Township(小河乡)
Ningxiang City(宁乡市) 290  1,282,200(2017) Yutan Subdistrict Yutan Subdistrict(玉潭街道), Baimaqiao Yutan Subdistrict(白马桥街道), Weishan Township(沩山乡), Shatian Township(沙田乡), Yujiaao Township(喻家坳乡), Jinghuapu Township(菁华铺乡), Zifu Town(资福镇), Datunying Town(大屯营镇), Jinzhou Town(金洲镇), Qingshanqiao Town(青山桥镇), Dachengqiao Town(大成桥镇), Huangcai Town(黄材镇), Huilongpu Town(回龙铺镇), Hengshi Town(横市镇), Longtian Town(龙田镇), Xiangzikou Town(巷子口镇), Liushahe Town(流沙河镇), Laoliangcang Town(老粮仓镇), Shuangfupu Town(双凫铺镇), Huitang Town(灰汤镇), Baitang Town(坝塘镇), Meitanbai Town(煤炭坝镇), Shuangjiangkou Town(双江口镇), Xiaduopu Town(夏铎铺镇), Donghutang Town(东湖塘镇), Huaminglou Town(花明楼镇), Daolin Town(道林镇), Chengjiao Yutan Subdistrict(城郊街道), Lijiangpu Yutan Subdistrict(历经铺街道)
Changsha County(长沙县) 1749.9  946,000(2016) Xingsha Subdistrict Xingsha Subdistrict(星沙街道), Quantang Subdistrict(泉塘街道), Xianglong Subdistrict(湘龙街道), Langli Subdistrict(㮾梨街道), Changlong Subdistrict(长龙街道), Kaihui Town(开慧镇), Jinjing Town(金井镇), Huangxing Town(黄兴镇), Jiangbei Town(江背镇), Huanghua Town(黄花镇), Chunhua Town(春华镇), Lukou Town(路口镇), Guoyuan Town(果园镇), Gaoqiao Town(高桥镇), Fulin Town(福临镇), Qingshanpu Town(青山铺镇), Ansha Town(安沙镇), Beishan Town(北山镇)

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