Altay Shopping

Altay enjoys abundant natural resources so all kinds of natural jewelries, stones, jades are all good choices for souvenirs. Besides, camel's hair, embroidery and wood products are popular for shoppers. For those edible stuff, horseradish, wild mushrooms and honey are good choices as well. If you like melons, you could buy local honeydew melons as well. Here is further information about souvenirs or specialties that you could buy and some places you could shop during your Altay visiting.

What to Buy in Altay

Altay Jewelry

Altay is rich in gold and precious jewelries, and the gold there enjoys nice colour and high purity. Jewelry and gem are tourist products with local characteristics.

Honeydew Melon

Thanks to the large temperature difference between day and night, Honeydew melons there enjoy high quality. And Kanas honeydew melon has been registered as a local brand.

Hemu Honey

Kanas scenic spot provides favorable flowers for bees, which lays foundation for fine honey there. It is said Hemu honey was brought by the aristocracy from the Republic of Belarus in 1959.

Camel Milk

Called “the white gold of the desert”, camel milk has rich nutrition. It is a special local drink.

Root Carving

There are varieties of trees in Altay Prefecture, which offer materials for various root carving products. Root carving has high ethnic value and local characteristics.

Embroidery Felt

Embroidery is a significant folk handicraft for Kazak women so you could see lots of embroidery products in your Altay visiting. They are different from those embroidery products in other places with local unique features.

Gem Paintings

Altay gem paintings are made of crushed gem which is pasted together to form unique paintings with natural color of gem. It is a popular tourism souvenir.

Where to Buy in Altay

Keketuohai Gem Trade Center (可可托海岩矿宝石交易中心)

It is located in Fuyun county and you could buy a variety of stones and gems there.

Hemu Village

It is inside the Kanas Lake Scenic spot where is inhabited by Tuvas. There are many shops ran by local people, and you could buy products with local features.

Hanasi Tourism Shopping Square (哈纳斯旅游购物广场)

Located on No.18 Kanas Road, it is a shopping square where gathers various shopping malls and shops in Burqin county.

Department Store

It is located on No.48 Jiefang Road of Altay city and sells all sorts of products.

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