Altay Dining

Thanks to the Eerqisi River which provides the local with many kinds of fish, fish-based dishes and snacks are local special. In addition to the local dishes, other typical Xinjiang dishes and snacks could be provided there, such as those beef and mutton based dishes.

What to Eat in Altay

Grilled Fish

It takes the fish of Kanas as ingredients, such as pike, Hucho taimen, etc. Grilled fish is a unique local barbecue in Eerqisi River region.

Guanguan Noodles (罐罐面)

“Guan” means the cooking tool -- pot. The noodles are cooked and eaten in the pot. What is special about the noodles is the soup which is soup bone soup with a lot of valuable herbs.

Altay Fish Feast

Rivers like Eerqisi River provide abundant fishes so that fish based dishes are local specialties. Fish feast is a banquet that gathers different cuisine made from various fish.

Chicken Cooked with Tomatoes (芋芋土鸡)

It is a local unique dish which takes local naturally raised chicken and tomatoes as ingredients. Excellent the two mentioned materials, eggs and flour are added as well.

Youtazi (油塔子)

It is a flour based snack which has the similar shape to a tower so that it got the name of “Youtazi” -- the part “ta” of the word means “tower” in Chinese. It is a steamed snack.

Where to Eat in Altay

Burqin Hedi Night Market (布尔津河堤夜市)

It is located on Wolongwan Road of Burqin city. The night market is famous for its various grilled fish. You could taste all sots of local snacks there.

Hedi Food Street (河堤美食街)

It is near the Friendship Peak hotel and the grand theater. The street gathers all kinds of local snacks and cuisine.

Kansas Dining Center (喀纳斯餐饮中心)

It is inside the Kanas Scenic Spot and near the tourist center. It will be a convenient place for eating during your Kanas visiting.

Juweiyuzhuang Restaurant (聚味鱼庄)

Located on No.118 Xingfu Road, it is a seafood restaurant that provides various seafood like fish feast.

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