Altay Attractions

The most beautiful and the most concentrated Altay tourist attractions gather in northern Burqin county, mainly including Kanas Scenic Spot, Hemu Village, Baigaba Village (白哈巴村), Colorful Beach Scenic Spot (五彩滩景区), etc. In east, there are two splendid tourist destinations -- Koktokay (可可托海) and Palette Town (五彩城). Besides, there are other tourist spots scattered around the Altay city, loke Hualin Park, Xiaodonggou Forest Park (小东沟森林公园), Wuzhiquan Scenic Spot (五指泉景区), etc. Other scattered scenic spots, is the largest concentration of altay city, near the birch forest park, the small forest park, donggou, five fingers spring scenic spot, etc

There are 186 tourist attractions covering the tourist resources like mountains, forests, valley scenery, lakes, hot springs, stone carvings, etc. Its Kanas Scenic Spot there, the 5A-level national ecotourism scenic spot, gets the fame of “human pure land”, “a world class, China’s excellent”.