Altay Climate

Altay winters experience long and cold periods, and its summers are short with stable temperature. The frost-free period lasts for 151 days. The coldest month of Altay is January, with the average temperature of - 16 ℃; the hottest month is July, with the average temperature of 21 ℃. The average annual rainfall is about 200 mm, and the mountainous areas could reach 400 to 600 mm.

Altay experiences annual average temperature of 4.5 ℃; annual average highest temperature is 10 ℃; annual mean minimum temperature is 1 ℃. In history, the highest temperature was 38 ℃ that appeared in 1992; the lowest temperature was - 44 ℃ that appeared in 1966.

With similar latitude to Mohe in northeastern China, Altay is a famous city of low temperature.


Parts of Xinjiang are located in places of higher elevation, with strong ultraviolet radiation. In summer, Turpan may experience high temperature beyond 40℃. So you may need some sun protectors with you. Meanwhile, some sunstroke prevention drugs or granules are suitable to take with you.

You’d better not wear contact lenses because of dry climate there, and it’s not convenient to clean them in some areas of poor accommodation.

There are large day and night temperature difference in northern Xinjiang, which could reach 10 to 15 degrees or so, so pay attention to keep warm. In the period of May, June, September and October, you should bring sweaters and woolen overcoat, especially when you spend your night in Heaven Lake of Celestial Mountains or visit Nanshan Pasture, Kanas Lake, No.1 Glacier of Tianshan Mountains, Bayanbulak Grassland, etc.

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