Aksu Attractions

As a frontier city, Aksu Prefecture is blessed with many tourism resources. And most of them are unique. Its cultural resources are abundant because many small counties established and fell down here, some cultures flourished here. There are some famous scenic spots, such as Kuqa Temple (库车大寺), Kuqa Royal Palace (库车王府), Thousand Buddhas Cave of Kizil (克孜尔尕哈千佛洞), etc. Besides, there are a lot of natural resources because of its geography, and many of them are national 4A scenic spot, like Tianshan Grand Canyon (天山大峡谷) , Wensu Grand Canyon (温宿大峡谷), Kizil Ghost City (克孜尔魔鬼城) , Tarim River (塔里木河), Miraculous Trees Garden (神木园) and so on. Picturesque scenery and splendid cultural spots would make visitors enjoy their travelling to Aksu.