China National Film Museum in Beijing

Why is the China National Film Museum in Beijing so Special?

China National Film Museum is a large public cultural facility, and it is the world’s biggest national film museum. It has 20 exhibition halls, in which are displayed 4,000 photos that cover 1,500 movies and 450 filmmakers. It is also used to host film technology expos.

Where is the China National Film Museum in Beijing?

The China National Film Museum is located at No. 9 Nanying Road, Chaoyang District in Beijing.

How to Get There

  • Take bus 973 and get off at Heiqiaocun Xi Station.
  • Take bus 851 and get off at Nanyinglu Beikou Station.
  • Take bus 402 or 418 and get off at Nangao Station.


This museum introduces China’s film production history and Film Industry Museum to explore the latest film technology, promote the film, hold academic exchange seminars and research activities.

In the museum, there are 4300 photos and documents or videos from 450 film industry pioneers. It was built in 2007, partly to commemorate the 100-year history of Chinese films, with complete facilities.

The 9.4 acres of space contain exhibits instructing on the invention of the movies, early Chinese films, Chinese revolutionary war films, modern films, art films, children’s films, science and education films and Hong Kong and Macao film industries.

Exhibition Zone

There are 20 exhibition halls in total, of which halls 1 to 10 are used to present the one hundred year history of the Chinese film industry and achievements attained during that time, while halls 11 to 20 generally show the technological development of films and uncover the secrets of movie production.

  • Hall 1: The Emergence of Films
  • Hall 2: The Emergence and Early Development of Chinese Films
  • Hall 3: Chinese Films Produced during the Revolutionary Wars
  • Hall 4: The Development of Chinese Films from 1949 to 1978
  • Hall 5: Chinese Films Produced during the Reform and Opening Period (from 1979 up to now)
  • Hall 6: Animation Films
  • Hall 7: Films for Children
  • Hall 8: Popular Science Films, Dubbed Films, and News Documentaries
  • Hall 9: Hong Kong and Macau Movies
  • Hall 10: Taiwan Movies
  • Hall 11: Film Shooting
  • Hall 12: Artistic Designing
  • Hall 13: Special Kinds of Movies
  • Hall 14: Traditional Special Effects
  • Hall 15: Digital Special Effects
  • Hall 16: Sound Recording
  • Hall 17: Film Editing
  • Hall 18: Film Developing and Printing
  • Hall 19: Animation
  • Hall 20: Other Kinds of Movies

Useful Travel Tips

  • Admission Fee: Free
  • Visitors can reserve a ticket in advance and collect it upon arrival. There are 2,000 tickets for reservation a day.
  • Reservation Hours: 09:00-16:30 from Tuesday to Sunday
  • Opening Hours:
    09:00-16:30 from Tuesday to Sunday; closed on Monday.
    The ticket office closes at 15:30 and visitors cannot enter the museum after 16:00.

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