Central in Hong Kong

Why is Central in Hong Kong so Special?

Central is the central political and commercial district of Hong Kong. The city is divided into four main parts: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, New Territories and Islands. Central is located on Hong Kong Island, across the sea from Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon Peninsula. There are several main roads in the area, including Queen’s Road, Des Voeux Road, Chater Road and Connaught Road. Many multinational financial service companies have set up headquarters in the region. There are also various restaurants and fashion shops in this area, so locals and tourists prefer to shop here. In addition, there are many places of interest in Central.

Where is Central in Hong Kong?

The Central and Western District in Hong Kong is the political and commercial center of Hong Kong.

Main Attraction of Central in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak

From the wonderful view overlooking Taiping mountain in central, you can see many old and new buildings are regarded as landmarks of hong kong island.

Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong is Hong Kong’s most famous nightlife district with many restaurants and bars. When they come at night, young people and tourists like to drink.

Star Ferry

It is a great experience to enjoy Victoria Harbour on Star Ferry. It is said that this is one of the 50 trips one must make in one’s life!

Hong Kong Observation Wheel

The Hong Kong Sightseeing Wheel is about 60 meters (66 yards) high and is also a must for Hong Kong’s tourism.

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

Near Victoria Harbour is the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, which was rebuilt from Lei Yue Mun Fort. If you are interested in ancient Chinese military defense, you won’t miss it!


The Bank of China Tower designed by I.M. Pei is one of the most famous skyscrapers in Central. The Legislative Council Building is located east of Statue Square. Along Connaught Road, you can see Hong Kong City Hall in the northeast of Statue Square and Jardine House in the northwest of Statue Square. The Hong Kong Cultural Center is no longer an office of the municipal government, but a place for performing arts and libraries. Yihe Building, formerly known as Gannuo Center, was once the tallest and most famous office building in the city. Opposite Jardine House is the Exchange Square, where the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is located. Airport Express Hong Kong Station is just north of the Stock Exchange. Go north and two international financial centers will appear. It is a famous landmark and the tallest building on Hong Kong Island.


Central is one of the most famous shopping centers in the city.  There are several large shopping centers and bustling shopping streets in this area.  Prince building is an office building and a center, famous for its small boutique shops.  There are all kinds of famous shops here, such as Hugo Boss, Barry, Chanel, Cartier, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Piaget.

Dining and Drinking

There are many wonderful bars, cafes or teahouses and restaurants in this area.  You can not only taste local Chinese food, such as cantonese food and Sichuan food, but also taste various Asian dishes and western food.  Lan Kwai Fong is a popular foreign bar and restaurant.

Best Time to Travel Central in Hong Kong

If you travel to Hong Kong, the best travel time is from October to November every year.

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate. Hong Kong has a relatively high annual average temperature of 22.8 degrees. The weather is easily affected by monsoon and has four distinct seasons. To travel to Hong Kong, you can wear a thin coat or sweater in spring. Summer is hot and humid, sometimes there will be showers and thunderstorms, bring some short shirts and cotton dresses, and also prepare coats and rain gear. Autumn is sunny and suitable for wearing shirts, sweaters and light coats. Winter is dry and slightly cold. Suits, thin sweaters and overcoats are more suitable.

How to Get There

Central is the city’s main transportation hub. There are ferries, trams, subways and buses in this area. Star Ferry is the main in-port ferry service. Its main route is to transport passengers through Victoria Harbour between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. You can find the MTR Hong Kong Island Line, Tsuen Wan Line, Tung Chung Line and Airport Express in Central. It is easy to take the MTR Hong Kong Island Line from Central to Sheung Wan and the ferry from Hong Kong and Macau Ferry to Macau. It is also convenient to take the subway to Admiralty, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island. At the bus terminal of the exchange square, you can find bus no 15 to the famous Victoria peak, bus no 629 to ocean park and bus no 6 to repulse bay.

Useful Travel Tips

  • The temperature at the top of Taiping Mountain will be lower at night. Take a coat according to the season. It is not necessary to shout when you wish to bare your arms in hot days. The main reason is the wandering temperature.
  • Don’t be greedy for the sake of face. the 20 ~ 30 hong kong dollars are properly paid. the restaurant itself has a 10% service charge. it doesn’t matter if you don’t tip for the poor attitude!
  • No littering, spitting or smoking in non-smoking areas. This restriction is much stricter than that in the mainland. Violators will be fined, so don’t throw it while eating!

Nearby Attractions

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