Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

Why is Causeway Bay so Special?

Causeway Bay is the busiest shopping and eating area in Hong Kong and is also one of Hong Kong’s non-night urban areas. After nightfall, Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter looked lively and busy. Only the boats were brightly lit, and the boat girls in Tang suit and trousers rowed to transport tourists to and from the seafood boat, bar boat and song boat. While enjoying seafood on board, tourists can also enjoy the night view of the harbor and the scenery of the sampan at the same time. Therefore, it is an ideal arrangement for tourists to visit the typhoon shelter at night. In addition, Causeway Bay has many excellent Chinese and Western restaurants.

Where is Causeway Bay?

Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island is located east of Wan Chai and west of North Point, straddling Wan Chai District and East District: east to Qingfeng Street Flyover and west to Canal Road Flyover (Goose Neck Bridge). The Hong Kong Cross-Harbour Tunnel, Victoria Park, MTR Tin Hau Station, Yee Wo Cannon, Wong Yan College and Hong Kong Central Library are located in the eastern part of Causeway Bay (Tin Hau or the end of Causeway Bay).

Main Attraction of Causeway Bay

Victoria Park, the most popular resting place, is where many citizens practice Taijiquan every morning. Every Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and New Year’s Eve and other important festivals, tens of thousands of citizens gather here to celebrate. There are swimming pools, jogging paths and tennis courts in the park, which is often the venue for international tennis competitions. Another famous building in Causeway Bay is the Hong Kong Stadium. Its facilities meet international standards and can accommodate 40,000 spectators. Situated between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai is Happy Valley. September every year to June next year is the racing season. Visitors can also visit the Hong Kong Horse Racing Museum located on the second floor of the Happy Stand in the racecourse.

It is not difficult to see stars in Hong Kong. Especially in Causeway Bay, which is crowded with people, many local stars go shopping in this area from time to time on weekdays. It is also a must for many Asian stars to go crazy in their shopping.

Causeway Bay in Hong Kong is not what gangster depicts. She not only owns charming Victoria Park and racetrack, but also is a prosperous city that never sleeps. The shopping hours here are always the latest in Hong Kong. In addition to Times Square, Lee Garden and many Japanese department stores, there are also the popular open-air bazaar-Jardine’s Square, which is popular with young people for avant-garde fashion clothes and curiosities. In addition, Kimberly, Paterson Street, Sharp Street East, Russell Street, etc. here also include ancient and modern, flexible both at home and abroad, hoping to win the first place in the wave of shopping in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s business is extremely prosperous. Shopping is especially important in Hong Kong’s tourism. When shopping in Hong Kong, no matter the brand, type, quantity, price or service of the goods, people will deeply feel the charming charm of “shopping paradise” and appreciate the fashion shopping tide synchronized with the world. When shopping in Hong Kong, ordinary people prefer three types of goods: clothing, cosmetics and electrical appliances. Hong Kong is a collection of world famous brands. Although it is slightly more expensive than the country of origin, it is much cheaper than the mainland, and Hong Kong’s major businesses often offer discounts. Due to tax exemption, cosmetics of some famous brands in Hong Kong are even cheaper than those from their country of origin.

Best Time to Travel Causeway Bay

If you travel to Hong Kong, the best travel time is from October to November every year.

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate. Hong Kong has a relatively high annual average temperature of 22.8 degrees. The weather is easily affected by monsoon and has four distinct seasons. To travel to Hong Kong, you can wear a thin coat or sweater in spring. Summer is hot and humid, sometimes there will be showers and thunderstorms, bring some short shirts and cotton dresses, and also prepare coats and rain gear. Autumn is sunny and suitable for wearing shirts, sweaters and light coats. Winter is dry and slightly cold. Suits, thin sweaters and overcoats are more suitable.

How to Get There

  • Walk 360 meters from Hong Kong Central Center to Sheung Wan Station
  • Take the Hong Kong Island Line and go through 4 stops to Causeway Bay Station.

Useful Travel Tips

  • The temperature at the top of Taiping Mountain will be lower at night. Take a coat according to the season. It is not necessary to shout when you wish to bare your arms in hot days. The main reason is the wandering temperature.
  • Don’t be greedy for the sake of face. the 20 ~ 30 hong kong dollars are properly paid. the restaurant itself has a 10% service charge. it doesn’t matter if you don’t tip for the poor attitude!
  • No littering, spitting or smoking in non-smoking areas. This restriction is much stricter than that in the mainland. Violators will be fined, so don’t throw it while eating!

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