Beilong Village, Bailong Community, Yingpan Town, Tieshangang District, Beihai

Beilong Village

Bailong village is located in Bailong community, Yingpan Town, Tieshangang District, Beihai City, Guangxi Province. It is the birthplace of China’s “national treasure” Nanzhu. Bailong village has profound cultural heritage and rich cultural relics. Among them, Bailong Pearl City site was designated as the cultural relics protection unit of the autonomous region in August 1982.

Main Attraction of Beilong Village

Bailong Pearl City

Bailong Pearl City is located in Bailong village, Yingpan Town, 36 kilometers southeast of Beihai city. It is said that there was a white dragon hovering here in ancient times, so it is named White Dragon City. Because Bailong city is close to the sea, rich in high-quality and beautiful pearls. Now there are pearl picking pool, pearl Pavilion, pearl picking eunuch mansion, Ninghai temple and other attractions in the city.

The ancient city is square, 320 meters long from north to south, 233 meters wide from southeast, 1107 meters long in circumference, 6 meters high in wall, 6 meters wide in city base, with stones as feet, firebricks as walls, and the central Loess mixed with pearl shells. Covering an area of more than 70000 square meters, it is divided into three gates: the East, the South and the West. There are buildings on the gate. You can watch the whole city and the sea. There are Zhucai mansion, Zhuchang division, Yanchang division and Ninghai temple in the city. Inside and outside the city wall are built with firebricks. In the center, there is a layer of loess with a layer of pearl shell every 10 cm, which is compacted layer by layer. Therefore, Pearl City gets its name.

History of Bailong Pearl City

The ancient Pearl City was well preserved before the Anti Japanese war. During the Anti Japanese War, most of its walls and gates were demolished. After liberation, there was only one wall and one south gate, which were destroyed in 1958. There are a few inscriptions in the pavilion, and the south gate wall has a 2.6-meter-high wall core. Pearl City site has been listed as a provincial cultural relics protection unit in Guangxi.

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