Beijing Yintai Hongye Golf Club

Located at the exit of Lao Zhuangzi (老庄子)on the west fifth ring road, it is quite near the well-known Lugou Bridge(卢沟桥). Beijing Yintai Hongye Golf Club(北京银泰鸿业高尔夫俱乐部), one of the most attractive courses with 72 holes in Beijing, can be called the-easiest-access club because of its convenient and fast traffic. Going directly from any ring roads can get to the club with no barrier of any traffic lights.


From June 11 to September 11, 2009, motor vehicles will be banned for rebuilding on Zuodi Road, Yongding River, Fengtai district(丰台区永定河左堤路).(Lao Zhuangzi(老庄子) entrance – fengtai area border(丰台界) on the fifth ring road). So driving direction will be change into as following: Go into the west fifth ring road-meet with the 29th exit(Jingshi Highway(京石高速), Jingzhou Road(京周路)) then go on the right and go along the Side Rd – pull off onto the 29th exit to the Jingzhou Road (京周路)direction- go into the Southwest fifth ring road, Jingliang Road(京良路) direction- pass blocks of stone and go straight- then turn right into the Green Di Park(绿堤公园)- turn left and go as the club signpost say.


The course is an 18-hole course, as for its complete building, it will be open in May,2008. Besides, another 18-hole course, B course is under construction, and will expect to put into use in 2009. In addition, C & D course is also under planning.The course is covered an area of 1,800 mu with 7,365 yards of fairway. It has the longest fairway in Beijing .

Also, B Course is measuring 1,600 mu. The total length of the fairway is 7,500 yards. The design of the B course skillfully blends original landform of mountain and lakes into the course, creating a splendid course complied with tournament standard. Situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream, the course is paved with bunkers and full of challenge and fun.

With approximate 200 carts under service, excellent experience will be burnished during the Golf-playing.furthermore, the 50-hitting-bay golf driving range picks up the pace of kinetic thrill and far-out experience.

What’s more, an 4,000 ㎡ leisure club will be put into service in October,2008. With modern designing idea, an roomy lobby, graceful western dining room, luxury Chinese restaurant ,comfortable locker room, as well as fine Golf equipment store, warm guest room and effective business center all will be developed.

Competition Holding

May 3rd ,2012, FAW Toyota 2012 Crown Cup China Amateur Golf City Elite Challenge(一汽丰田2012年皇冠杯中国业余高尔夫球城市精英挑战赛) Press holding at Beijing Yintai Hongye Golf Club this morning. Vice director of The Multi-ball Games Administrative Centre of General Administration of Sport of China, Wang Liwei(国家体育总局小球运动管理中心副主任、中国高尔夫协会副主席兼秘书长、赛事组委会主任王立伟), Director of the fourth section of The Multi-ball Games Administrative Centre of General Administration of Sport of China, Treasurer of China golf association, and Organizing Committee Member Yang Jie(国家体育总局小球运动管理中心运动四部部长、中国高尔夫协会司库、赛事组委会委员杨杰), Vice manager of FAW Toyota car sales Ltd Company, and vice director of Organizing Committee Member Gao Fang(一汽丰田汽车销售有限公司副总经理、赛事组委会副主任高放), Chief Public Relation Officer of FAW Toyota car sales Ltd Company Ma Chunping(一汽丰田汽车销售有限公司公关总监马春平女士), Tournament director and chief range officer Li Jinliang(,赛事总监兼赛事总裁判长李今亮), Chairman of Da Zheng website, and vice executive secretary Wu Yongjian(大正网董事长兼赛事副秘书长吴永健) were attending.

Chinese Name:北京银泰鸿业高尔夫俱乐部 (36洞)
Chinese Address:北京市丰台区卢沟桥世纪森林公园内甲8号
Translated by Li Yanjin/李妍锦