Beijing International Flower Port

Beijing International Flower Port

Beijing International Flower Port is the only specialized Flower Industry Park in Beijing designed by the Beijing government, and is an important zone in the 7th China Flower Expo held by Beijing, which is a window of Beijing’s flower industry. During the expo period, Beijing International Flower Port shoulders the tasks of exhibiting Industrial Park and outdoor flowers of enterprises, and also spreading flower culture of the capital. At present, the flower port has become a center of flower production, R&D, exhibition and trade, and also a recreation and cultural exchange center.

Introduction of Beijing International Flower Port

The four square kilometer or 1.5 square mile area of the farm and park has dozens of species of flowers of thousands of varieties to see and various garden areas and facilities. In the past, it was part of the venue for the 2009 Seventh China Flower Exposition. The flower port hosts horticultural exhibitions, flower fairs, and seasons for picking up fruit.

Four Annual Flower Festivals

There are four annual flower festivals: the Tulip Festival, the Chrysanthemum Festival, the Chinese Rose Festival and the Lantern Festival. There are also two seasons for fruit picking. Visitors can harvest their own strawberries or dragon fruit in season. Dragon fruit is almost unknown in the US and other countries, but it is quite delicious, nutritious and inexpensive. Perhaps the flower festival highlight is the Tulip Festival that opens in the middle of April. In the past, hundreds of thousands bloomed at one time. So along with seeing flowers and displays, you can pick up and buy fruit and come when there are the flower festivals or expositions. 

The flower port holds Tulip Festival in April every year, where over 200 varieties of precious tulips are on exhibition. A large blanket made of millions of colorful tulips is laid for appreciation.


  1. All kinds of flowers are in full bloom.
  2. Tulip flower sea pattern shows the sea silk road style
  3. Professional actors perform well and share the carnival with you
  4. Create a spring outing tourist attraction for the public

Where is the Beijing International Flower Port

Beijing International Flower Port is located in Shunyi district.

  • The Beijing International Flower Port is about 60 kilometers or 37 miles northeast of the center of Beijing.
  • It is about 25 kilometers or 15 miles northeast of the Capital International Airport.
  • It is about 1 kilometer or .6 miles north of Red Temple Village in Yang County in the Shunyi District.

How to Get There

  • Take Bus No. 915 or No. 918 from the East Gate 东直门 and go to Nancai 南彩. Then change to Bus No. 41 to get to the Beijing International Flower Port.

Useful Travel Tips

  • April May is the flowering period of tulips, September October is the flowering period of chrysanthemums.
  • During special festivals or expositions, the ticket price is about 80 RMB adults.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐