Beijing Baoxing Golf Club

Shaded by green trees tall and straight, the blue water and sparkling lake surrounded in a city golf course – Baoxing Golf Club (北京宝兴高尔夫俱乐部), like a beautiful natural landscape volumes, so that golf fans in the bustling city life to enjoy the tranquil landscape of the music .

Beijing Baoxing Golf Club is located in Daxing District, the west side of the Yongding River and pleasant scenery and convenient transportation from the city only 20 minutes from south rings gaojiabu export or export of the West Fifth Ring laozhuangzi direct access to the Yongding River Beach Road club.
     Course covers an area of more than 5,000 acres, by the renowned golf course architect in accordance with international standards of design, clever use of natural landscape, and nature with the perfect complement each other. A field length of 7012 yards fairways, meandering in the endlessly rising peaks of Li Ling and into reservoirs, many thatched depressions and green golf course is in stark contrast to a compact layout cordial, sometimes looming generous side with the broad, sometimes Also hidden tranquil leisurely twists and turns of the Department; B field length of 7183 yards fairways were covered by natural forests and orchards, nature, impressionistic, full of rhythm; C field length of 7139 yards fairway, pouring down from the embankment to the valley, the green beauty and the panoramic view of blue skies in the evening so that players in the bright lights thus bringing the natural embrace of self-transcendence and feel the passion and romance golf.
     Beautiful golf course surrounding environment, the river according to River scenery, tourist attractions and the ball will exist side by side, the north with the world and the Western Han Tomb Museum, Parks across. Picturesque scenery of the golf course, but also make you relaxed and happy, laid-back contented. Magnificence, magnanimity extraordinary, with a total area of 40,000 square meters of comprehensive business clubs, ready to provide you with the most intimate of services.
     The same time, full-featured golf course with driving range and golf classes, and in particular at any time you hire professional coaches to provide technical guidance, according to the characteristics of your tailor-made technical training, so you can quickly upgrade their skills. At the same time equipped with a proshop, lounge, bath room, dining and other characteristics of the region, in the enjoyment of golf to bring you challenge and fun at the same time, can easily understand share of warm and cozy.
     Beijing Baoxing Golf Club plans to build into a golf center, blending a variety of leisure, sports and resort facilities, high-level business platform. South of the unlimited potential of the development of the capital, the mother river deep cultural accumulation. Golf clubs are so melodious Baoxing be more true personality is all about.
     Baoxing to “cultivate members of paradise, construction workers home” for the purpose; with “integrity, kindness, benevolence, and tolerance” as the enterprise spirit; to “create a first-class golf course, business value service” business philosophy to provide first-class service team, true for members and the general achievements of a paradise for golf lovers, casting business platform to bring honor to the capital’s construction, injection force for social progress, so green and healthy golf career full of vitality.

Lying at the west Huangcun Town, Beijing Baoxing Golf Club is just 20 minutes drive from downtown area. With perfect combination of the modern technology and marvelous landscape, it would be quite enjoyable to play your golf here.



West Qianxinzhuang, Huangcun Town, Daxing District, Beijing, China







Number of Holes





5,000 mu (亩)


7,012+7,183+7,139 yards