Aheitu Bieke Border Port in Xinjiang

Aheqi Tübek Port (阿黑吐别克口岸) is located in the western part of Habahe County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. It is 117 kilometers from Habahe County town, 284 kilometers from Altay City, and 829 kilometers from Urumqi City. Aheqi Tübek Port faces across the river to Korgas County and the Alashankou Port in Kazakhstan. The economies of both sides complement each other in terms of industry and product structure.

Land Port

Aheqi Tübek Land (Highway) Port has been approved by the State Council but has not yet officially opened. In August 1992, the governments of both countries signed an agreement to open the port, allowing the passage of personnel, vehicles, and goods between China and Kazakhstan. The port has favorable conditions for exchanges, cooperation, development of border trade, and mutual market activities, including organizing tourism and shopping activities.