Zhenbeibao West Film Studio in Helan County,Yinchuan

Zhenbeipu Western Film Studios

Zhenbeipu West Studio(镇北堡西部影城) is located 35 kilometers (22 miles) west of Yinchuan city in Ningxia, it was formerly the site of Zhenbeibu frontier castle in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD) to defend against northern tribes. At present, Zhenbeipu West Studio gradually develops into a travel scenic spot including sightseeing, dinning, shopping and some other entertaiment activities.

Why is Zhenbeipu Western Film Studios So Special?

Zhenbeipu West Studio is one of the top 3 film cities in China, and also the unique famous one in Western China. Zhenbeipu enjoys a title as “the Hollywood in the East”.It is a base to cultivate movie stars. So many Chinese movie stars who have got film awards at home and abroad had their movies taken here.

History of Zhenbeipu Western Film Studios

Originally the strategically important location of two forts at the foot of Helan Mountain, these were destroyed by a massive earthquake. Reknowned Chinese writer Zhang Xianliang took over there, gradually, more and more settings have been preserved and the place has developed into today’s China Western Film Studio.

Main Attractions of Zhenbeipu Western Film Studios

There are mainly three parts in China Western Film Studio, Qing Dynasty Town, Ming Dynasty Town and Yinchuan Old Street.

  • In the north of the scenic area is Qing Dynasty Town, which is full of various stores which are in retro styles. Brick and stone carvings on those buildings show exquisite arts of carving. It is a visual feast for visitors.
  • Ming Dynasty Town in the south, named so as the gate is as round as a full moon. The gate is just piled up by several loess bricks, however, it presents the beauty of ruggedness.
  • There is Yinchuan Old Street in the east, which is used to restore old buildings of Yinchuan. Walking along the street, visitors can also learn the history of Yinchuan.

How to get to Zhenbeipu Western Film Studios

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Independent Traveler

Take a special bus line from Nanmen Square to the studio directly.

Useful Travel Tips

  • People live in the area are mostly Hui people, a Muslim ethnic group. During your visit here, you should respect local customs and do not break the taboos.

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