Wanfenghu Lake in Xingyi

Why is Wanfenghu Lake So Special?

Wanfeng Lake is a fresh water lake formed after the completion of Tianshengqiao Gaoba Hydropower Station, which is a national key hydropower project. The water surface is vast and vast. The lake is full of water. The main channel is 128km, the average width of the lake is over 4km, and there are more than 80 islands and peninsulas in the lake. Wanfeng Lake, with its beautiful scenery, rich water and fish, is known as a “paradise for wild fishermen”. The whole island, peninsula, harbor and inner lake in the lake are crisscrossed and can be visited in all seasons.

Where is Wanfenghu Lake

Wanfeng Lake Scenic Area is located in the southeast of Xingyi City, capital of Qianxinan Autonomous Prefecture, and in the lower reaches of Maling River. It is a national scenic spot, a national 4A scenic spot and a member of Xingyi National Geopark of the People’s Republic of China.

Main Attraction of Wanfenghu Lake

Wanfeng Lake Fishing Park

The total area is 8 square kilometers, of which the water area is 5 square kilometers. The park includes tourist reception center, fishing service center, square, large parking lot, Diaoyutai Road and other facilities. Among them, the length of fishing stands is 7.46 kilometers and the standard fishing positions are 1,000, which is currently the longest and the most fishing positions in the world.

Wanfeng Lake, with its beautiful scenery, rich water and fish, and many fishermen, is known as “a paradise for wild fishermen” and has a high reputation both at home and abroad.

Wanfeng Lake is an artificial lake formed after Tianshengqiao Gaoba Hydropower Station, a national key hydropower project, is built and impounded. It is named after being surrounded by Wanfeng. There are thousands of islands and peninsulas in the lake, as well as a large number of aquaculture networks. along the coast, there are many ethnic minority strongholds.

Wanfeng Lake can only be visited by boat. There is no place to go by the lake. There are many cruise ship docks in the whole scenic area, which are contracted by different organizations. It is recommended to go to the ferry crossing of the Beicheng Town Maritime Administration. Locals go there more often. It is said that travel agencies take groups to Hongchun Dock more often.

In fact, Wanfeng Lake is most famous for its fishing resources, which are known as “paradise for wild fishermen”. Therefore, there are some fishing resorts along the lake where fishermen gather.

Best Time to Travel Wanfenghu Lake

There is no best season in Xingyi because tourism to Xingyi is suitable for all seasons.

Spring is the season for all things to recover. Bougainvillea is the state flower in southwest Guizhou, which is scattered in all corners of Xingyi. At this time, Xingyi has very good weather and good climate. It is great to go to Wan Fenglin to see the clouds. In addition, the flowers in Qixiang Garden have started and you can enjoy the flowers. Xingyi is in the rainy season in summer. Although the weather is not very good, it has become the Maling River Gorge. Due to abundant rain, the Maling River Gorge has seen hundreds of waterfalls competing for flow. At this time, rice in Wan Fenglin has turned yellow and become a sea of golden flowers. You can smell rice fragrance when walking in the fields.

How To Get  There

  • At Xingyi South Railway Station, you can get to the bus that flatters you. You can reach the tourist station on the side of xingyi square by special coach.

Useful Travel Tips

Tour Wanfeng Lake by boat; There are two leisure resorts on the lakeside, Jilongbao and Peninsula Hotel. On the lakeside, there are farmhouses that prepare accommodation, meals and fishing tackle for fishermen. It takes about one hour to get there by bus at xingyi passenger station.

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