Tianshan Grand Canyon in Xinjiang

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Tianshan Kuqa Grand Canyon also called Keziliya valley, located in the Aksu region in northern Kuqa, the southern foot of Tianshan Mountain, from east to west in depth is about 5.5 kilometers long. Standing 1,600 metres above sea level, with its highest peak reaching 2,048 metres, is made up of ranges of rufous massifs.

Why is Tianshan Grand Canyon So Special?

Tianshan Grand Canyon boasts lakes, canyons, grasslands and snowy mountains. There is also an ancient spruce forest at the north slope of Tianshan Mountain. In the sunlight, rufous mountains are burning flames seen from afar. What makes Tianshan Grand Canyon charming is not only its magnificence and precipitousness, but also its tranquility, mysteriousness and serene.

How to get to Tianshan Grand Canyon

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There are buses to Banfanggou from Zhongqiao passenger station in Urumqi, which can directly reach the scenic spot, about every 40 minutes. The departure time from downtown is about 9:00-19:00 every day, and the last bus from scenic spot to downtown is about 18:10.

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you can observe the life of the nomads and do some sports such as boating and hiking. The main scenic spots include Tianshui Lake, Green Dragon Bay, Zhaobi Mountain, Jiasi Daban Sightseeing Area, Swan Lake and Qiaoya Meadow.

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