Nanshan Pasture in Urumqi

Why is Nanshan Pasture So Special?

Nanshan pasture is based on the feature of ice landscape, forest and grassland, odd stones and customs of the ethnic groups. It enjoys high reputation at home and abroad as a unique summer and health resort as well as place of sightseeing. A great deal of leader at home and abroad once visited here.

As early as Tang Dynasty, Nanshan Mountain was a popular hunting ground. In Qing Dynasty, it developed gradually into the summer resort. The scenic spot covers a wide range and encompasses numerous attractions.

Main Attractions of Nanshan Pasture

Clover Station

Clover station, about 55km from Urumqi city, is a place of sightseeing on the top of mountain, altitude as high as 2020 meters. It is ringed on three sides by mountains and hold green field in its arm. From spring to autumn, wild flowers bloom one after another with the color of yellow, purple, light blue, red, white and so on.

West Poplar Valley

West poplar valley with a long standing reputation is situated on the north foot of Tianger peak, about 58km from Urumqi city center. The scenic spot covers an area of 612.52 hectare, forest connecting with mountains ups and downs and stream with a gurgling sound through craggy grotesque rocks.

Chrysanthemu Terrace

Just as the name means, chrysanthemum terrace is covered with wild golden chrysanthemum up to 500 hectares. The northern side is thick with pine trees, while on the south there are lush grassland. Full slope of cattle and sheep strew among it, adding a unique scenic spot.

How to Get to Nanshan Pasture?

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Independent Travel

Self Driving Route

After the completion and opening of the new national highway 216, you can drive from the urban area to Nanshan ranch in 40 minutes.

Public Transportation

There are direct buses to the scenic spot at the south suburb passenger station of Huanghe Road, with the operation time of 9:00-19:00.

Useful Travel Tips

Ticket Price: RMB20
Opening time: the whole day

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