The Sea of Rapeseed Flowers in Menyuan County, Haibei

Location of Menyuan Rapeseed Flower Field

The Sea of Rapeseed Flowers in Mengyuan refers to a beautiful and spectacular man-made landscape in Menyuan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Menyuan County is the birthplace of small rapeseed in the north. It is the world’s largest small rapeseed planting area with an area of 500,000 mu.

Environmental Characteristics

In mid-July, when Menyuan’s Rapeseed Flowers are in full bloom, the flowers and blue sky and white clouds, mountains and following rivers, grassland and unique houses and beekeepers complement each other. This is a unique and charming scenery, which has fascinated countless tourists. Menyuan also held the 10th Rapeseed Flower Culture Tourism Festival, which has become an influential festival inside and outside the province.

Main Attractions of Menyuan Rapeseed Flower Field

The Sea of Rapeseed Flowers

Rapeseed flower can be seen everywhere, it is very normal. But Menyuan rapeseed flower is special and magnificent, closing to Qilian Mountain in its north, Yulong beach in the Datong riverside in its east, it next to Daban Mountain in its south extends for hundreds miles, just like a golden sea. Its golden rapeseed flower is close to the Haomen Riverside, spread all over the Menyuan Basin for several hundreds miles. Under the deep blue sky of plateau, it mixes together with mountains and rivers, the village cottages with the sky. Whatever you looking from a distance or looking closely, it looks like beautiful scenery.

Qilian Mountain

One of the most beautiful farms in China . The farm full of western Tibetan splendid natural grazing grounds style let you experience a totally different feeling. Rapeseed flower sea and farm interact with each other and make you feel like entering across the time-space continuum.

Xianmi Forest Park

The Xianmi Forest Park is the largest forest area in the province, where the lush forest groves are a fascinating green ocean. Because of the high altitude of the park, the sky is extraordinarily blue, the clouds are particularly white, and the stars are bright. The blue sky, the white clouds, and the splendid stars make up the most beautiful skyscape in the park. From mid-November to mid-March in the park, the entire park has a view of the beautiful snow scenery.

Menyuan Rapeseed Flower Festival

Time: 18th to 25th of July every year

Menyuan in July is a paradise on earth. The eagle is circling around in this blue sky; the grass is green and the flower is red in this vast grassland, and flocks and herds as many as clouds; 600 thousand mu of rape flower make up this marvelous spectacle of sea of flower. The people of Menyuan in this rapeseed flower sea who can walk and ride, who can speak and sing, and hold a festival to make friends and show their talent.

If you visit Menyuan, you will find it likes a fairyland. Now when a great wind rises, here will appear an illusion of ancient battlefield over the mountain, according to local people’s description. Magic description, flocks and herds on the vast grassland, charming and dazzling imperial city, all of these make up a unforgettable trip to Menyuan. Walking through green sea in golden Menyuan, one cannot fail to appreciate its intoxicating scenery.