Qilian Mountain Grassland in Qilian County, Haibei

The average altitude of Qilian Mountain ranges (海北藏族自治州祁连县祁连山草原) in the 4000 meters to 5000 meters above sea level, mountain snow formed a long and wide glacier landscape which is magnificent spectacle. Over 4000 meters altitude, where known as the snow line, the Qilian Mountains above the snow line often appears opposite biological phenomena.

Features of Qilian Mountain Grassland

In the shallow layer of Snow Mountain, there are famous snow mountain meadow plant mushroom, precious medicinal materials Saussurea involucrata, and a snow mountain grass grows under the wind erosion of rock. Therefore, saussurea involucrata, silkworm, snow mountain grass are collectively known as the “three durable plants in winter” in Qilian Mountain snow line. Qilian Mountain grassland and its representative Damaying grassland is in the basin between Yanzhi Mountain and Qilian Mountain. Every year in July and August, the Qilian Mountain is still covered by snow, but grassland near Qilian Mountain is full of horses, cattle, sheep adorned among the grassland.

The four seasons of Qilian Mountains are never very clear. The so-called “Qilian snow in June” is portraying of Qilian Mountain’s climate and natural landscape. 

The primeval forest scenic spot of Qilian Mountain is very charming. After the summer begins, there is an endless green ocean in the forest. In the primeval forest area of Qilian Mountain, there are 157,000 hectares and more than 2 million cubic meters of forest resources. It is one of the larger forest areas in Qinghai Province. There are shrubs, cypresses, poplars and other trees, as well as shrubs, black thorns, and willows. In addition, there are many wandering deer herds among the jungles of the Qilian Mountains.

Best time to Visit Qilian Mountain Grassland

The four seasons of Qilian Mountain are not very clear. Spring is not like spring, and summer is not like summer. The so-called “Qianlian June Snow” is a portrayal of Qilian Mountain’s climate and natural landscape. ———Best travel time: July and August.

How to get to Qilian Mountain Grassland

  •  It takes a whole day to take a bus from Xining to Qilian, and the current price is 36 yuan. (The long-distance bus station is located at the north end of Jianguo Road, about 600 meters south of the railway station)
  • The chartered car costs 2 yuan per kilometer. It is difficult to start the package from Xining and then want to pack it into the off-road vehicle.

Accommodation and Food

  • Traveling in the Qilian Mountains, only in the county government base there are hotels.
  • Qinghai Lake area, there are many hotels, complete facilities, and various styles of hotel rooms.
  • In other important towns in Haibei and Hainan, hotels with star conditions can be found.
  • Qilian’s mushrooms are very famous, and many restaurants have dishes made with specialty mushrooms here.
  • Tibetans, Mongolians, and Huis are all experts in milk tea. The milk tea here is sweet and nutritious, so you can drink more. Among the Tibetan foods here, there is a kind of “Qula Dessert(曲拉点心)” called “Tuzi(图子)”, which is sweet and delicious.