Tangyu Hot Springs in Lantian County, Xian

Why Visit Tangyu Hot Springs?

  1. Tangyu Hot Springs is one of the top five hot springs in Xi’an.
  2. Since ancient times, the resort has been hailed as jade resort. The trace elements including sulfate, iron, molybdenum, iodine and so on, many diseases can be treated and the effective rate boasts 91.6%. Hot water outlet water temperature in eastern Tangyu is 50 degrees, which is very famous for having therapeutic effect on psoriasis, chronic eczema and other diseases.
  3. Tangyu Hot Spring has a long history and began in the Han Dynasty. It flourished in the Tang Dynasty and is the royal bathing place of the past. The spring water of Tangyu Hot Spring is clear and the water quality is mild. 

Brief Introduction of Tangyu Hot Springs

Located in Lantian County, 38km (23mi) south of Xi’an City, Lantian Tangyu Hot Springs, also called East Tangyu Hot Springs, was once the royal bathing site, as well as the origin of China’s bathing culture. It is one of the best hot springs around Xi’an.

Tangyu Hot Springs, which was called Shimen Hot Springs, started being used during the Han Dynasty (202BC-220AD) when Emperor Wu built Shanglin Garden, an imperial garden in Tangyu District. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), emperor Xuanzong built Daxing Hot Springs Courtyard there and then expanded it with five bathing pools.

With an average temperature of 58C (136F), the Tangyu Hot Springs water is abundant in minerals beneficial to skin and muscle diseases. It was also called “Water of Virtue” and “Mysterious Water” and the hot springs werenamed “No.1 Hot Springs in the World”. It has become a famous spot for people around Xi’an to spend their holidays. The water used to be called Peach Blossom Water because one can enjoy, while bathing, a view of the peach blossom in spring. It was said that “the peach blossom water is worth more than gold”.

Tangyu Hot Springs

Bathing Pools

As the largest open-air hot springs in northwest China covering an area of over 40,000 square meters (47,840 square yards), Tangyu Hot Springs can receive 10,000 visitors per day. There are many bathing pools to choose from, such as Man s Bath, Women s Bath, Liyu Bath, Baths of Five Blessings, different VIP bathrooms and several independent bathing courtyards; the water temperature which decreases progressively from 60C (140F) to 40C (104F) is suitable for people of different body conditions. The five bathing pools remaining from the Tang Dynasty respectively named Rongxue, Yunv, Lianzhu, Shuyuand Zhuoying connect with each other by small waterfalls, and the largest one, Zhuoying, collects water from the above four springs and forms a beautiful small waterfall. Another pool called Round Sky and Square Earth with a square pool and round roof reflects the ancient nature concept. You could also try the stone bath, lying on the warm stone slabs, with hot water flowing under it.

Daxing Hot Spring Courtyard

The Site Park of ancient Daxing Hot Spring Courtyard is now open to the public, with eight different ancient bathing pools. Visitors could take a bath in the independent courtyard, sit in the sauna drinking a cup of coffee or tea made with hot spring water and forget all their worries.

Popular Activities

Apart from taking baths, visitors could also hang around in the town’s pedestrian and food street, go boating or go fishing in the nearby lake, or watch shows at the theater if interested. Mountain climbers can visit Dongfeng Mountain and Xifeng Mountain on both sides of the hot springs spot.

Best Time to Visit

Spring (march-may) : suitable for historical sites, natural scenic spots, can wear thin shirt.   
Autumn (September – November) : suitable for visiting historical sites, natural scenic spots, but the climate sometimes changeable, to pay attention to prevent a cold.

Winter is not a good time to travel Xi’an, followed by summer: winter is cold and dry, the temperature is low, cold and biting when the wind blows.At this time to visit the indoor attractions more appropriate. Summer is very hot, especially in the middle of summer, the sun is strong, around noon is the sun exposure; There are occasional storms, but they come and go quickly. Please take precautions against sun protection when you go out.

How to get to Tangyu Hot Springs

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Independent Traveler

Take bus No. 920(To Tangyu) at Xi’an South Bus Station and get off at Tangyu Station. Walk along Hot Spring Avenue for 460m (500yd) and turn right. Continue walking along Tangyi Road for 300m (330yd) to reach Tangyu Hot Springs.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Drive to the resort: drive from Xian via Chang’an District to Lantian transferred to the direction of 15 kilometers to the Tangyu Township, 40 km away from Xian.

  2. Take the Bus to get to the resort: Go to the South passenger station to take the 920 bus, about an hour and twenty minutes.

  3. Surrounding attractions: the nearby mountains are covered by greenery and surrounded by the lakes and rivers, featuring fresh air, pleasant scenery as well as quiet environment.

  4. Dining recommendation: all kinds of Xian cuisines are available here, such as wild vegetables, chicken, eggs and so on.

  5. It is advised to bring your own towel and bath robe as the quality of the ones provided can’t be guaranteed.
  6. Admission Fee: CNY138
    Free of charge for children under 1.2m (3.9ft).
    Note: If you have some friends who can read Chinese, you could ask them to buy ticket of Tangyu Hot Springs online for you. It’s much cheaper than those bought at the ticket office.

Nearby Attractions

Edited by Bella Ren/任新月