Thaiwoo Ski Resort in Zhangjiakou

Thaiwoo Ski Resort张家口市太舞滑雪场
Deshengmen (Between Jishuitan and Gulou), Xicheng District, Beijing
RMB 150-600

Xingyu Ski-Club is always here with you, here can the starting point for all of you who love ski/snowboarding.
XingYu outdoor ski club was established in 2006, which has been operated for 12 years, our growth cannot leave the support of all friends who love snowboarding, 2018-2019 season, let continue to have fun together, thank you for all your support.

How long you didn’t join XingYu club’s events? More than 8 months of waiting, are you guys ready!? We are ready to launch!

Independent regiment, no pack cluster, being honest, register is opening for everyone, quite new bus, the drivers has more than 15 years of driving experience.

The hotel where you gonna live has the ski equipment store, very convenient for you to rent anything you need, and save a lot of time for everyone.

XingYu is a comprehensive agent for all ski resorts of ChongLi, has our own equipment store(all new equipment) and our own hotel.

contact: 15810166774(telephone and wechat both ok)

Please remember you need bring your ID card/passport.

P1 – Venue – metro line 2 JiShuiTan station, get out from east southeast exit [C] then go to east direction about 3-5 minutes, to DeShengMen southwest corner, where has 55th bus station. 
P2 – gather time – 19:30 every Friday night –DeShengMen southwest corner,55th bus station, start on time at 19:40.For the consideration for others all, we wont wait for late person,
P3-Saturday 7:40 am leave from the hotel to WangLong Ski Resort, about 15 minutes time to go, bit longer during snowing. Lunch self-care .16:00 leave from ski resort back to the hotel,
P4- Sunday, please check-out the accommodation before 7:30am .Bus pick you up at 7:50am to the ski resort, , lunch self-care, 14:30 bus leave from ski resort, about 19:30 arrive in Beijing.
P5 – returning off site, the BaiGe service area, XiSanQi gas station, subway line 15th BeiShaTan station, subway line 10th JianDeMen station, DeShengMen station, you need to tell the leader guy where you want to drop off before leaving from ChongLi, otherwise you need follow the team.
Rent gear in the town fee: 80rmb for 2 days, include snowboard,shoes,Ski poles(helmat free for the first two terms)

Event Fee:

A Set: round shuttle bus+2 nights of two beds (3 stars)hotel+1.5 days lift tickets.The packing price is 600RMB

B Set: round shuttle bus+2 nights of two beds(3 stars) hoteland 2 breakfast, The packing price is 330RMB

E Set: only take round shuttle bus or child no need bed 150RMB

G Set:self-driving,1.5 days TaiWu lift tickets(50% discount)320RMB

H Set:self-driving,2 days TaiWu lift tickets 369RMB

I set: one day Taiwu lift ticket 246RMB

N Set: self-driving,2 nights of two beds hotel with elevator and 2 breakfast+1.5 days lift tickets

Rent gear in the town fee: 80rmb for 2 days, include snowboard, shoes, ski poles (helmet free for the first two terms)

Refund Instructions

【2 days before the event if you quit, please remember you need share the bus fee; quit in the day of the event start, please remeber you need share the bus and hotel fee 330 RMB】

Activity guidelines
One; Participants must be at least 18 years of age, Minors must be accompanied by their guardians, healthy body, without any hidden danger condition, dont hide any sickness. Need to have bit physical exercise foundation discipline, team spirit.
2. Registration form: use the website system to sign up I want to sign up (click)(Chinese)

For English speaker please contact wechat :15810166774 and mark ski signin.

Risk and responsibility:
1, outdoor sports have a certain risk and unpredictability especially skiing belong to high risk in the outdoors, participants were completely responsible for their actions and.
2, team leader has the right to pick up doesn’t do any explanation.
3, this activity is a self-help travel activities, when due to an accident, sudden unpredictable factors such as climate change and acute disease cause physical damage, the sponsor of the team and their counterparts have a duty to try our best to help, but if caused irreversible damage to the rest of the team does not afford any responsibility. Any member of the team should be in line with: “trying to rescue, own risk” to take part in the activity, the principle of active initiator and organizer also does not undertake any legal and economic responsibility.
4, any registration participants are considered to be persons with full capacity for civil conduct, as in the activities of the consequences of personal injury, the sponsor of the team and their counterparts does not assume liability to pay compensation, damage by people according to law and in accordance with the law to solve this statement, all applicants will be deemed to accept this statement.Generations by generations such as other applicants, suffered a personal injury in the activity, the leader also does not assume any liability to pay compensation.
5, before we take part in activities, must communicate with their families in advance and get the family members understand and support, at the same time know and agree to the disclaimer.After signing up to take people as his family members have also been informed and agreed to, or accept the consequences have participants.
6, such as malicious infringes on another person, or other crime involved, is beyond the scope of the liability, must undertake corresponding legal responsibility.
7, this disclaimer purpose is for activity promoter organizers and companions clearagain the risk of outdoor activities, improve self-discipline ability and the ability to resist risks, save some unnecessary consequences, enjoy outdoor activities, more safety.
8, participants must sign up at least 18 years of age or older, minors must be led by the guardian, healthy body, without any hidden danger condition, can not have any hide. Have certain physical exercise foundation discipline, team spirit.