Hotels for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be held jointly in Beijing, People's Republic of China, and Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, from February 4, 2022 to February 20, 2022. For people who will go to Beijing in this period, accommodation is usually one of travellers' concerns since Beijing will be crowded with people from all over the world at that time. Here below are some recommended hotels in Beijing, which could be convenient for your trip in Beijing or going to venues of Winter Olympics. 

Venues of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic

Beijing’s construction regulatory body released overall plans and deadlines of 2022 Winter Olympics Venues on May 31, laying the foundation for Olympic projects to advance. There  are a lot of the infrastructure from the 2008 Summer Games can be reused, saving the need to build another future ghost stadium. Three 2022 Winter Olympics venue areas: Beijing, its suburban Yanqing District, and the nearby Zhangjiakou. It is suggested to stay around the venue areas if you are going to watch the Winter Olympic. 

Recommended Hotels in Kunming City

  • Beijing JW Marriott Hotel(北京JW万豪酒店)
    Address: No.83, Jianguo Road, China Central Place, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区华贸中心建国路83号
    Tel: 010-59086688
  • Beijing International Hotel(北京国际饭店)
    Address: No.9, Jianguomen Inner Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing北京市东城区建国门内大街9号
    Tel: 010-65126688
  • Grand Concordia Hotel(鹏润国际大酒店)
    Address: Pengrun Building, No.26, Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区霄云路26号鹏润大厦
    Tel: 010-51086688
  • Echarm Plus Hotel(宜尚PLUS酒店)
    Address: Building 1, No.2, Anxiang Road, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区亚运村安翔路2号1幢
    Tel: 010-64886988/15901232027
  • Scitech Hotel(赛特饭店)
    Address: No.22, Jianguomen Outer Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区建国门外大街22号
    Tel: 010-65123388
  • Yunchuan Hotel(云川酒店)
    Address: No.11, Shengshi Longyuan, East Sihui Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区四惠桥东盛世龙源11号
    Tel: 010-87706977
  • Changbaishan International Hotel(长白山国际酒店)
    Address: No.25, Anyuan Beili, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区安苑北里25号
    Tel: 010-64916677
  • Qiuguo Hotel(秋果酒店)
    Address: Building 2, No.31, Tonghuihe North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区通惠河北路31号2号楼
    Tel: 010-52388681/010-53791998
  • Jingli Hotel(景里酒店)
    Address: Building 45, No.92 Courtyard, East Fourth Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区东四环中路92号院45号楼
    Tel: 010-67741688
  • Kerry Hotel Beijing(北京嘉里大酒店)
    Address: No.1, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区光华路1号
    Tel: 010-65618833
  • China World Hotel(北京中国大饭店)
    Address: No.1, Jianguomen Outer Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区建国门外大街1号
    Tel: 010-65052266
  • Kempinski Hotel(凯宾斯基饭店)
    Address: No.50, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区亮马桥路50号
    Tel: 010-64653388/010-64104227
  • Marco Polo Parkside Beijing(中奥马哥孛罗大酒店)
    Address: Marco Polo Building, No.78, Anli Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区安立路78号马哥孛罗大厦
    Tel: 010-59636688
  • Celebrity International Grand Hotel(名人国际大酒店)
    Address: No.99, Anli Road, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区亚运村安立路99号
    Tel: 010-58651166
  • Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing(北京盘古七星酒店)
    Address: No.27, North Fourth Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区北四环中路27号
    Tel: 010-59067777
  • The St.Regis Beijing(北京瑞吉酒店)
    Address: No.21, Jianguomen Outer Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区建国门外大街21号
    Tel: 010-64606688
  • The Westin Beijing Chaoyang(金茂北京威斯汀大饭店)
    Address: No.7, East Third Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区东三环北路7号
    Tel: 010-59228888
  • Grand Millennium Beijing(北京千禧大酒店)
    Address: No.7, East Third Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区东三环中路7号
    Tel: 010-85876888
  • Kuntai Royal Hotel(昆泰嘉华酒店)
    Address: B 12, Chaoyangmen Outer Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区朝阳门外大街乙12号
    Tel: 010-58285588
  • InterContinental Beijing Beichen(北京北辰洲际酒店)
    Address: Building 4, No.8 Courtyard, Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区北辰西路8号院4号楼
    Tel: 010-84371188/010-84371403/4008806728
  • Beijing Wanda Vista Hotel(万达文华酒店)
    Address: Wanda Plaza, No.93, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区建国路93号万达广场
    Tel: 010-85996666
  • China World Summit Wing Beijing(北京国贸大酒店)
    Address: No.1, Jianguomen Outer Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区建国门外大街1号
    Tel: 010-65052299
  • Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong(长富宫饭店)
    Address: No.26, Jianguomen Outer Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区建国门外大街26号
    Tel: 010-65125555/010-58775555
  • The Great Wall Hotel Beijing(长城饭店)
    Address: No.10, East 3rd Ring Road North, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区东三环北路10号
    Tel: 010-65905566
  • Lijingwan International Hotel(丽景湾国际酒店)
    Address: No.28, Shilibao Beili, East 4th Ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区东四环十里堡北里28号
    Tel: 010-85858888

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Recommended Hotels in Yanqing Disrtict

  • Hyatt Regency Beijing Shiyuan(北京世园凯悦酒店)
    Address: Fukang South Road, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区阜康南路
    Tel: 010-57311234
  • Shiyuan Pushen Hotel(璞燊酒店)
    Address: Inside International Horticultural Exposition, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区世园会内
    Tel: 010-56057777
  • Beijing Shangguan No.1 Hotel(北京尚官壹号度假酒店)
    Address: No.5-7, Jiebeishi Village, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区界碑石村5-7号
    Tel: 18601919158
  • Yueli Great Wall Viewing Hostel(悦里长城景观民宿)
    Address: No.3, Shifosi Village, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区石佛寺村3号
    Tel: 13031119138
  • Shanzha Courtyard(山楂小院)
    Address: Xiahujiao Village, Liubinbao Township, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区刘斌堡乡下虎叫村
    Tel: 13810109374
  • Beijing Shiyuan Ocean Spring Hotel(北京世园海泉湾商务酒店)
    Address: Fukang South Road, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区阜康南路
    Tel: 010-57989999/010-57989888
  • Commune By The Great Wall(长城脚下的公社)
    Address: Exit G53, Shuiguan Great Wall, Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区京藏高速路水关长城G53出口
    Tel: 010-81181888
  • One Tree Bed and Breakfast(一棵树民宿)
    Address: Houlvzhuang Village, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区后吕庄村
    Tel: 010-61181021
  • Yanqing Fortune Inn(北京延庆同福客栈)
    Address: No.7, Yongning Town East Street, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区永宁镇东街7号
    Tel: 010-60181570/15910879792/15901252018
  • Beijing Jinyu Badaling Spa Resort(金隅八达岭温泉度假村)
    Address: No.1, Guishui North Street, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区妫水北街1号
    Tel: 010-69148833/010-69186869/010-69142277
  • Green Tree Inn(格林豪泰酒店)
    Address: No.33, Guishui South Street, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区妫水南街33号
    Tel: 010-69176998/010-69104998
  • Jiuxianju Hostel(花筑·酒仙居)
    Address: No.129, Chadao Village, Badaling Town, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区八达岭镇岔道村129号
    Tel: 15510400886
  • Bonace Hotel(博纳斯酒店)
    Address: Intersection of Yankang Road and Hunan West Road, Yanqing District, Beijing北京市延庆区延康路与湖南西路交叉口
    Tel: 15941495188/18511218183

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Recommended Hotels in Zhangjiakou

  • Rongchen International Holiday Hotel(容辰假日酒店)
    Address: Yuxing Road, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口市崇礼区裕兴路
    Tel: 0313-5699999/18603130923
  • Chongli Dream Holiday Inn Special Fontaine(梦特芳丹假日酒店)
    Address: Entrance of Chongli Wanlong Ski Resort, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口市崇礼区崇礼万龙滑雪场入口
    Tel: 0313-5691666/0313-5696066
  • Shanga Lila Siren Yeshe Skiing Hotel(山旮里旯私人野奢滑雪酒店)
    Address: Huangtuzui Village, Xiwanzi Tourist Resort, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口市崇礼区西湾子旅游度假区黄土嘴村
    Tel: 0313-4783333
  • Holiday Inn Resort Zhangjiakou Fulong(假日度假酒店)
    Address: No.3, Wanlong Road, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口市崇礼区万龙路3号
    Tel: 0313-6696666
  • Zhangjiakou International Hotel张家口国际大酒店
    Add: No.8, Changcheng West Street, Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou张家口桥东区长城西大街8号
    Tel: 0313-5988888
  • Venice Hotel张家口威尼斯大酒店
    Add: Intersection of Industrial East Street and Binhe Middle Road, Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou张家口桥东区工业东街与滨河中路交叉口
    Tel: 0313-8072222
  • Thaiwoo Skiing Resort(张家口太舞滑雪小镇太舞酒店)
    Add: Yingcha Village, Sitaizui Township, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口崇礼区四台嘴乡营叉村
    Tel: 0314-2081213
  • Element Chongli(张家口崇礼太舞源宿酒店)
    Add: Taiwu Ski Resort and Mountain Resort in Chongli District of Zhangjiakou张家口崇礼区太舞滑雪场及山地度假村
    Tel: 0313-4778500
  • Genting Grand Hotel(张家口云顶大酒店)
    Add: Sandaogou, Taizicheng Village, Sitaizui Township, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口崇礼区四台嘴乡太子城村三道沟
    Tel: 0313-4777777
  • Fulong Four Seasons Town Resort(张家口富龙四季小镇度假村)
    Add: Fulong Ski Resort, Wanlong Road (Y098 Township Road), Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口崇礼区万龙路(Y098乡道)富龙滑雪场
    Tel: 13294331108
  • Shanyawan Eco Resort(张家口山亚湾生态度假村)
    Add: Xiasandaohe Village, Xiwanzi, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口崇礼区西湾子下三道河村
    Tel: 0313-8068899
  • BlueWish JollyLife Hotel (Zhangjiakou Chongli)(蓝鲸悦海酒店)
    Add: 300m eastbound of Wanlong junction in Chongli district of Zhangjiakou张家口崇礼区万龙路口东行300米
    Tel: 010-4776666

Note: Beijing, “Jing” for short, is a provincial administrative region, the capital city, the municipality directly under the central government, the national central city and megacity of the People’s Republic of China. Therefore, there are a large number of Hotels in Beijing, you don't have to warry about accommodation. However, the price of hotels will rise during the peak seasons and during the 2020 Winter Olympics. It is suggested to book the hotel in advance according to your budget. 

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Recommended Accommodation Areas

Beijing Railway Station and Jianguomen Area

Beijing West Railway Station and Lize Business District

  • Recommended Reason: Beijing west railway station, another core transportation hub for visitors to and from Beijing, is located on the west third ring road, which echoes the old CCTV and the military museum. With convenient transportation and abundant delicious food, it is the first choice for tourists to arrive and leave Beijing.
  • Nearby Attractions: Yuyuantan parkmilitary museum, China millennium monument, dream of red mansions grand view garden, Tian'anmen square, the palace museum, Jingshan park, Beihai, South Luogu LaneYandai Xiejie street
  • Transportation: From Beijing west railway station, you can take No.122 bus to the grand view garden scenic area, No.67 or No.9 bus to Tian'anmen square, No.109 or No.42 to South Luogu Lane, and No.109 to Beihai. Subway line 9 goes through Beijing west railway station. You can take subway line 9 to the military museum, and subway line 9 ends at the national library.
  • Recommended Hotels: Beijing Bao Lin Xuan International Hotel and Beijing Jingduguilong Hotel.

Guomao Area(国贸地区)

  • Recommended Reason: This area is the core of Beijing's central business district, with many star-rated hotels, high-grade accommodation, superior environment and convenient transportation. There are many subway lines and bus lines going through. In addition, here also gathered the famous international trade shopping center, Xintiandi commercial city, etc., convenient for shopping. For those who travel to Beijing on business, this area is the first choice.
  • Nearby Attractions: Tiananmen Square, The Palace Museum, Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall, Monument to People's Heroes, National Museum of China, Houhai Park, Beijing Happy Valley, Zhongshan Park.
  • Transportation: There are subway line 1 and line 10. You can take line 1 to Tiananmen square and the Forbidden City, and take line 10 to the bird's nest, water cube and Olympic park, taking about 20 or 30 minutes to get there. You can also take bus No.9, No.619 and No.805 to Beijing railway station, about 20 minutes journey.
  • Recommended Hotels: China World Hotel and Hotel Jen Beijing(北京新国贸饭店)

Xidan Area(西单地区)

  • Recommended Reason: This is a commercial street that integrates commerce and entertainment. It can be said that there are everything to eat, drink and have fun, with unique fashion and modern atmosphere. It is a street that food lovers cannot miss.
  • Nearby Attractions: The Palace Museum, Tian'anmen Square, Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall, Monument to People's Heroes, National Museum of China, Zhongshan Park, Beihai Park, National Grand Theater. 
  • Transportation: Take subway line 1, about 30 minutes, you can arrive at Tian'anmen square, the Forbidden City, Zhongshan park, or take bus No.332, No.22, etc. You can take No.109, No.14 bus or subway line 4 transferring to line 6 to Beihai park.
  • Recommended Hotels: The Westin Beijing Financial Street and JW Marriott Hotel.

Dongzhimen Area(东直门地区)

  • Recommended Reason: It is close to Yansha business district and Chaoyang business district with developed commerce and important geographical location. Worker's Stadium is an important large sports venue in the east. It must be said that Worker's Stadium is a place where every singer's dream comes true. It regularly hosts major events and entertainment concerts and attracts visitors from all over the country. As a transportation hub, Dongzhimen can also realize multiple three-dimensional traffic transfer, and enter and exit the business district unimpeded and convenient.
  • Nearby Attractions: Worker's Stadium, Yonghe Lamasery, Confucian temple and Guozijian, Ditan Park, Sanlitun
  • Transportation: From Dongzhimen subway station, you can take subway line 2 to Yonghe Lamasery. It only takes 7 minutes. Then you can walk to Wudaoying Hutong, Confucian temple and Guozijian. You can also take the subway line 2 from Dongzhimen station to worker's stadium, about 20 minutes, or take the No.515, No.3 bus, about half an hour.
  • Recommended Hotels: Sweetome Vacation Rentals (The Lama Temple Hongyunge) and Ji Hotel (Beijing Dongzhimen).

Sanlitun and Yansha Business District

  • Recommended Reason: Sanlitun is located in the central and western part of Chaoyang district, Beijing. It got the name because it is three kilometers away from the inner city. It is only more than 20 kilometers away from the capital international airport. Here, from fashionable brand to the luxury shopping shop, from ordinary snacks to luxury dining, from the slow rhythm of the coffee to the merry and lively bar, can meet all your needs. 
  • Nearby Attractions: Red Scarf Park, China International Exhibition Center, Houhai Park, the Palace Museum, Tian'anmen Square, Chaoyang Park, Tuanjiehu Park, Sanlitun Bar Street
  • Transportation: The Tuanjiehu station of subway line 10 and the Dongsishitiao station of subway line 2 are both located near Sanlitun, which is not too far from Beijing capital international airport. You can take subway line 10 from Tuanjiehu station to Sanyuanqiao station, and then take the airport line to reach the airport, which takes about an hour.
  • Recommended Hotels: Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast and Sanlitun Youth Hostel. 

Beijing North Railway Station and Xizhimen

  • Recommended Reason: Xizhimen is very close to Beijing north railway station, only about 2 kilometers away, and the traffic is very convenient. Xizhimen bridge is a transportation hub connecting the west with the north and Changan street. There are many tourist attractions nearby.
  • Nearby Attractions: Beijing Zoo, Purple Bamboo Park, Capital Museum, Houhai Park, The Palace Museum, Tian'anmen Square, Yuyuantan Park
  • Transportation: Subway line 2, line 4 and line 13 can be transferred at Xizhimen station to Beijing zoo. 
  • Recommended Hotels: Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing, Lejia Service Apartment (Beijing Xizhimen) and Beijing Heyuan International Youth Hostel.

Zhongguancun and Wudaokou Area

  • Recommended Reason: Located in Haidian district, northwest of Beijing city, Zhongguancun is surrounded by many colleges and universities and IT enterprises. It has become an important distribution center for computer research and production in Asia, especially for wholesale and retail, and is known as “China's silicon valley”. Besides Wangjing, Wudaokou is another place where Koreans gather, so there are many Korean food nearby.
  • Nearby Attractions: The Old Summer PalaceBeijing UniversityTsinghua UniversitySummer Palace, Haidian Park
  • Transportation: There are Wudaokou station of subway line 13 and Zhongguancun station of subway line 4. You can take subway line 4 or No.332 and No.584 buses to reach the Summer Palace. You can also take subway line 4 or bus No.18 to reach the old summer palace scenic spot.
  • Recommended Hotels: Four Points by Sheraton Beijing and Crowne Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun.