Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Travel Tips

To have a better travel experience during Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, here are some useful Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Travel Tips, which may be helpful for your Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics tour. When plan your trip to Beijing during 2022 Winter Olympics, view our answers to questions about Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to get a better understanding of Beijing. 

Time of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The XXIV Olympic Winter Games, namely the 2022 Winter Olympics, will be held in Beijing China from 4 to 20 February 2022. Beijing is set to make history in 2022. If you want to witness the incredible occasion, everything for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Travel should be prepared in advance, such as knowing some basic information about China and Beijing, learning competition rules of some winter sports, finding a reliable travel agency to have a better tour during Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Venues of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Beijing’s construction regulatory body released overall plans and deadlines of 2022 Winter Olympics Venues on May 31, laying the foundation for Olympic projects to advance. There  are a lot of the infrastructure from the 2008 Summer Games can be reused, saving the need to build another future ghost stadium. Three 2022 Winter Olympics Venue areas: Beijing, its suburban Yanqing County, and the nearby Zhangjiakou

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Beijing Weather in February

The coldest month in Beijing has passed, but there are still about two months before spring. The weather is still very cold and the temperature will not exceed zero. The average low and high temperatures are -6°C(22°F) and 5°C(41°F) respectively. February weather in Beijing is generally sunny, with less rainfall but stronger winds. Sandstorms may occur in this month. It hardly snows in February, but it is still possible.

What to Pack for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The weather in February in Beijing is still very cold, but it is much warmer than January, especially on a sunny afternoon. Generally speaking, a thick sweater and a warm winter coat are enough. However, if you want to go to the suburbs, such as Badaling Great Wall, down jackets, thick woolen sweaters, gloves, hats and scarves are still necessary. In order to protect your skin, it is best to bring a moisturizer.

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Things to Do in Beijing in February

Experience Chinese New Year

The Spring Festival in 2022 will fall on February 1. In other words, the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held during the Spring Festival. This is a good time to experience authentic Chinese culture in the year. However, the Spring Festival is the busiest travel time in all parts of the country. Trains and flights have been booked up several days before departure. Coupled with the influx of tourists and spectators to the Winter Olympics, Beijing may be crowded. You can go to some temple fairs in Beijing during the 2022 Spring Festival, taste delicious food, and experience the Chinese New Year with people from all over the world.

Temple Fairs in Beijing

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Visit the Great Wall

There is often a thin layer of snow on the Great Wall in winter. Although the weather is very cold, you can walk unhindered on the ancient steps and through the magnificent towers. The famous Badaling Great Wall is located in Yanqing District of Beijing, which is one of the venue areas for the 2022 Winter Olympics. You can take this opportunity to experience the Olympics and visit the magnificent Great Wall. However, unlike the previous February when there was less crowd in Beijing, there will be more people in February 2022 due to the Winter Olympics.

Go Skiing 

Ski resorts in Beijing are usually closed at the end of the month. The Nanshan ski village and several other ski resorts, which are a few hours away from the city center, offer a good skiing experience. These ski resorts will be upgraded because of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Beijing Travel Tips

Useful Numbers

Here below are some useful telephone numbers in Beijing and postcodes of Beijing for you to have a convenient Beijing tour.

China International country code number 0086
Ambulance 120
Fire 119
Police 110
Telephone Information Enquiry 114
Traffic Accidents 122
Weather Report 121
Post Code Check 184
Time Check 117
International SOS Assistance 010-6462 9100
Consumer Complaint Center 12315
National Tourist Service Hotline 12301
Legal Service 1600148
Tourist Complaints Hotline 12377/ 12315/ 12345
Price Complaint 12358
Expressage 185
Car Hailing  010-96103

Beijing Emergency Numbers of Transportation

China Railway 010-51844150
Beijing Railway Station Inquiry Number 010-51019999
Beijing West Railway Station Inquiry Number 010-51824233
Beijing South Railway Station Inquiry Number 010-51836272
Beijing North Railway Station Inquiry Number 010-51866233
Beijing East Railway Station Inquiry Number 010-51835662
Capital Airport Service Hotline 010-96158
Metro Airport Line Customer Service Number 010-68345678
Airport Limo & Taxi Service 010-64596539
Capital Airport Parking Service Booking 010-64558552
Customs Advisory Telephone of Capital Airport 010-12360
Taxi Dispatch of Capital Airport 010-64558892
Inquiry/Complaint of Capital Airport 010-96158
Lost and Found of Capital Airport 010-96158
Medical Service of Capital Airport 010-64591919
Airport Shuttle 010-64594375/ 64594376

Phone Numbers of Embassy and Consulates in Beijing

Embassy and Consulates Tel.
Embassy of the United States of America 010-85313000
Embassy of Canada 010-51394000
British Embassy 010-51924000
Embassy of the Republic of France 010-85312000
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany 010-85329000
Italian Embassy 010-65325015/010-85327600
Embassy of the Republic of Korea 010-85310700
Embassy of Japan 010-85319800
Royal Thai Embassy 010-8531 8735
Indian Embassy 010-85312500
Embassy of the Russian Federation 010-65321381/010-65322051
Australian Embassy 010-51404111

What to Eat in Beijing

Beijing is also the eighth “city of delicious food” in the world, ranking first in the mainland, and Beijing roast duck is famous at home and abroad. Apart from Beijing’s most famous dish, Peking roast duck, most of the city’s famous dishes are imported from surrounding areas. Food from different cultures and places converge in Beijing, so there are thousands of restaurants in the capital with a variety of dining options. Although there are various foods in Beijing, the must-try food should be the classic dishes like the Roast Duck, Daoxiang Village Dim Sum and some local snacks including Lv Da Gun(驴打滚), Bingtanghulu/Sugar-coated Haws, Aiwowo(艾窝窝), Fried Ring, etc.

Where to Stay in Beijing

In Beijing, the various functional areas are distributed in a rectangular ring, and divided into many different areas. The attractions in Beijing radiate around the Forbidden City, and the subway is cheap and unobstructed and covers most of scenic spots. As the capital of China and an international metropolis, Beijing serves very convenient accommodation for tourists. And also in this reason, there are too many hotels in Beijing to choose from, making people dazzling. In addition, since there is a flag-raising ceremony at Tiananmen square in the early morning, most people choose to stay near Tiananmen square. 

In addition, 2022 Winter Olympic will be held in Beijing. And Beijing’s construction regulatory body released overall plans and deadlines of 2022 Winter Olympics Venues on May 31, laying the foundation for Olympic projects to advance. There  are a lot of the infrastructure from the 2008 Summer Games can be reused, saving the need to build another future ghost stadium. Three 2022 Winter Olympics venue areas: Beijing, its suburban Yanqing District, and the nearby Zhangjiakou. It is suggested to stay around the venue areas if you are going to watch the Winter Olympic. 

How to Get in and Get Around Beijing

Beijing has extremely convenient traffic, and various modes of transportation is serving tourists at home and abroad. The main modes of transportation to Beijing include plane, train and coach. Beijing is the mainland’s most important air, rail and road hub because it has China’s largest airport and is one of the centers of the country’s rail network, as well as many national highways and expressways radiate out here.

The urban transportation system is perfect. However, as a metropolis in a densely populated country, the traffic in the downtown area is a little heavy, especially during the rush hours at 8:00 and 18:00. During this time, traffic jams are common and can cause serious delays. When traveling in Beijing, try to avoid taking buses or taxis at this time of day, as it can eat up your limited vacation time. To ease the traffic pressure, the local government has taken many measures, including encouraging people to travel on public transport, implementing a license plate lottery system, and restricting traffic by odd-even license plates.

2022 Winter Olympics Transportation Tips: This Winter Olympics will also gradually improve Beijing’s transportation. By 2020, Beijing will form a rail transit network with 30 operating lines and a total length of 1177 kilometers. Beijing Daxing International Airport, located in the southern part of Beijing, was put into operation in the second half of 2019. Beijing will also continue to use the transportation experience of the 2008 Summer Olympics, including setting up special roads for the Olympics on major roads related to the needs of the Olympics, setting up special bus lines and stations for the Olympics, and providing special transportation support services for various Olympic Winter Games customer groups. More transportation facilities for the Winter Olympics are under construction.

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