Everything you need to know about the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Back in 2008, Beijing hosted a little party called the Summer Olympics. We even have a giant Bird’s Nestsitting in the north of the city to remind us of the summer in which all eyes were on Beijing.

Roll forward a decade or so, and the summer of sporting glory is but a distant memory. But if there’s one thing that Beijing does well (other than the Olympics, of course), it’s seasons. Summer is really hot, and winter is really, really cold. Seeing as we marked the former with hosting the Greatest Show on Earth™, it’s only fitting Winter Olympics come to town at some point, which they are doing in 2022. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

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When are the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics? In 2022. In Winter. From 4 to 20 February, if your diary really gets booked up that far in advance.
Where are the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics? In Beijing, duh. Specifically in the Capital Indoor Stadiumand the Beijing LeSports Center. There will also be plenty of action in the surrounding Hebei area too, mostly in Zhangjiakou. The prefecture-level city is currently a bit of a slog to get to from Beijing, but the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway will be built in time for the games. The high-speed train will leave from Beijing North Railway Station, and travel at speeds of up to 350km/h to get to Zhangjiakou in around 50 minutes.
Apart from the events in Zhangjiakou, alpine skiing, bobsleigh and luge will be held in the Xiaohaituo mountain area in Yanqing.
summer olympics
We put on a pretty good show last time round.
Why is Beijing hosting the Winter Olympics when we already hosted the Summer Olympics? Good question. We’ll actually be the first city ever to host both sets of games. Maybe because our climate is equally suited to the fiery and freezing ends of the sports spectrum, or maybe because we’re awesome. Or both.
What sports can we expect to see at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?
cool runnings
The guys in Cool Runnings knew a thing or two about training for the Winter Olympics.
It’s all about ice, ice, baby. And some snow. Some of the wintry sports slated for the hot competition include three types of ice skating, six types of skiing, bobsleigh races and ice hockey.
How much is the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics going to cost? The estimated budget is around 26.6 billion RMB. Which is somehow only a tenth of what was spent on the 2008 Summer Olympics.
How many days are there until the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics? A fair few. You can count them down one by one on the Beijing Olympics website.