Taiping Village in Hulunbuir City

Taiping Village

On the way to Linjiang and Moerdaoga,(莫尔道嘎) there is a small village, Taiping Village, which has a history of 100 years but can’t be found on the map, where only a dozen households live. Most of the main residents of Taiping village are lumberjacks from Shandong Province and the descendants of White Russia who fled from Russia after the October Revolution. In that special era, in order to survive, many white Russia aristocratic ladies put down their noble and elegant identities and married simple and honest Shandong farmers. Up to now, the villagers have been the third and fourth generations of mixed descendants of China and Russia.

Hotel in Taiping Village

Taiping Villa Hotel is clean, sanitary and comfortable. It’s very quiet at night. You can enjoy the starry sky and the Milky way in the yard. It’s a good place for you to stay on holiday.

Attractions Nearby Taiping Village

  • Taiping Chuan(太平川)
    It is not only a forest farm, but also a completely original small mountain village.
  • Taipingtun (太平屯)
    It is a small village in Daxinganling. There are few people in the village, and the village is very quiet.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐