Shengyou Lamasery in Zhaosu County, Ili

Why is Shengyou Lamasery So Special?

It was built in the 19th year of the Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty (1893), covering an area of 2000 square meters. It is a relative complete extant temple in Xinjiang, having a gate-facing screen wall, a temple gate, a front hall, a main hall, a back hall, side halls, and an octagonal double layered attic with a double-eave. The main building is the Daxiong Hall. which is 17 meters wide, with the flying-eaves on the four comers stretching out. Inside the covered passage are painted wall-paintings of rare birds and animals and scenes of fairy tales in traditional Chinese style. This lamasery is listed as a major cultural site protected by autonomous region.

Where is Shengyou Lamasery

Shengyou Lamasery in Zhaosu Called “Bogdaxiagson” in Mongolian, the Shengyou Lamasery is located near the Honnahai River to the northwest of the county seat of Zhaosu.

Main Attraction of Shengyou Lamasery

The ancient trees in the temple of sainthood in zhaosu, Yili, Xinjiang are towering. pine trees block out the sun and enter the house, giving people a feeling of being free from vulgarity. Looking along the central axis, the eight buildings are strewn at random with symmetrical layout. In addition to the zhaobi, the gate, the front hall, the main hall and the rear hall, which are built along the central axis, there are still hard top side halls and octagonal double-decked eaves pavilions on the left and right. Zhaosu Shengyou Temple in Yili is a resplendent and magnificent Lama temple. Many Xinjiang tourists will visit Zhaosu Shengyou Temple in Yili, Xinjiang, after visiting Tekes Bagua City and Zhaosu Grassland.

The temple of sainthood in zhaosu, Yili, is built by the traditional building method of Chinese temples. it is made of brick and wood. the buildings are symmetrically arranged on the central axis and the halls are connected.

When you enter the temple of zhaosu, Yili, the first thing you see is the temple of French dance. It is covered with green tiles, cornices at four corners, complicated wood carvings in the middle, and plain blue bricks and white walls at the bottom. According to the guide of Xinjiang travel agency, this temple is a place for monks to dance during the grand ceremony. When dancing the dharma dance, one should wear a mask with Buddhist symbolic meaning and convey the Buddha’s meaning by dancing to the rhythm of the multiplier.

Passing through the temple of the Sacred Blessing Temple in Zhaosu, Yili, is the retreat hall. After the retreat hall is the Mahathir Hall. Standing outside the temple of the Sacred Blessing Temple in Zhaosu, Yili, looking up, although the mottled state is hard to hide, one can still feel the majesty and sincerity of the Great Hall. The temple is divided into two layers, with cornices and arches, auspicious clouds and auspicious animals. Each carving is meticulous and complicated, reflecting solemn thoughts in layers. The five-color prayer flags flying overhead are dazzling under the clear sky.

Inside the hall, butter lamps are long and bright. Outside the hall, pilgrims are coming from afar to pray for blessings. The ancient trees in the temple of the Sacred Blessing Temple in Zhaosu, Yili are full of shade, the morning bell and the evening drum, the monks gather together, the birds sing and the birds dance. It looks simple and solemn.

Best Time to Travel Shengyou Lamasery

Every autumn, that is, August and September, is the best time to visit Ili.

At this time, the weather began to cool and the fruits began to mature. This is a very suitable time to travel. At this time, most scenic spots began to hang attractive gold. Let’s travel in the golden ocean. The natural scenery around Ili is very beautiful. In our spare time , we take our family to Ili to play, eat delicious fruits and enjoy different local conditions and customs. I believe this is a very beautiful moment and a very happy memory.

How to Get There

  • The bus route from Yili, Xinjiang to Zhaosu Shengyou Temple: take the bus from Yining City Bus Terminal to Zhaosu County Bus Terminal. After getting off the bus, you can walk for about 15 minutes to reach the temple of sainthood in zhaosu, Yili. 

  • The self-driving tour route from Yili, Xinjiang to Zhaosu Shengyou Temple: starting from Yining City, Yining-Guos313-S237-Yizhao Highway-Lao Jie-Yili Zhaosu Shengyou Temple takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes by car.

Useful Travel Tips

  • The morning light in summer in Xinjiang is earlier, it is about 6:30 in the morning in the plain area and it will light up at about 7:00 in the mountain area, but breakfast in Xinjiang hotels usually starts at 8:30, lunch time is 13: 00-14: 30, dinner time is about 19: 30-20: 30, and the sun will not set until 22:30 in the evening, so pay attention to adjust the time difference when traveling to Xinjiang.
  • Xinjiang has a large number of halal meals, mainly beef and mutton. Cities also have Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong and other local restaurants with national characteristics. In remote areas and scenic spots, halal meals are the main food. Pasta is the main staple food in Xinjiang, but rice is the main food for group meals. Sheep meat is the main meat in Xinjiang, and the smell of mutton is very small, which is acceptable to the general public.

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