Mount Hengshan in Hengyang, Hunan

Mount Hengshan

Hengshan is a mountain in southcentral China’s Hunan Province known as the southern mountain of the Five Great Mountains of China. Heng Shan is a mountain range 150 kilometres long with 72 peaks. The Huiyan Peak is the south end of the peaks, Yuelu Mountain in Changsha City is the north end, and the Zhurong Peak is the highest at 1,300 metres above sea level.

Why is Mount Hengshan So Special?

Mt. Hengshan, also know as Southern Mountain of the five sacred mountains in China, is located in the Hengyang city in Hunan Province. And in foreign tourists’ eyes, it is one of the most popular destinations in China. Because of the ideal climate conditions, Mt. Hengshan keeps green all year around. And the natural scenery in this scenic area makes it reputed as a “solitary beautiful mountain in southern China”.

History of Mount Hengshan

As early as in the late East Han Dynasty, Taoists had started their practice in the blessing spots in Mount Hengshan. The Tang Dynasty witnessed the prosperities of ten large Taoist temples and eight hundred bamboo houses. Many Taoists at that time were those with high culture cultivation and profound metaphysics. They wrote books and developed theories of their own. Buddhism was introduced to Mount Hengshan about 200 years later. From 421AD, the second year after the establishment of the South Dynasty, large groups of famous monks appeared in Mount Hengshan.

How to Get to Mount Hengshan?

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Take bus at Hengyang Railway Station 118, 137, 140, 160, or 181 to the Central Coach Station first, and then take a bus to Nanyue.

Take a train to Hengshan, Hengshan West, or Hengyang Railway Station. From Hengshan or Hengshan West, there are direct buses to Nanyue. The bus operates from 07:30 to 17:30 and the fare is CNY 5.

Useful Travel Tips 

Best Time  to Visit 

Late summer and early autumn may be the best time to visit Mount Heng. During this period, the cool weather and the green forest ensure tourists can visit it in a joyful mood. And from Decembers to February in the next year, visitors can see the snow scenes which can not be seen frequently in southern China.

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