Kim Tin Walled Village in Hong Kong

Kim Tin Walled Village

Kim Tin Walled Village is a Punti walled village in the Yuen Long District of Hong Kong. The village is popularly known as Kim Tin, from the name of the local area. Kat Hing Wai is home to about 400 descendants of the Tang Clan, one of the “Five Great Clans” of the territory who settled here from China during the Song Dynasty.

Why is Kim Tin Walled Village So Special?

Though most of the dwelling houses are rebuilt, the wall and the blockhouses are well preserved in Kim Tin Walled Village; hence the original appearance is maintained. These walled villages witnessed the past of Hong Kong. Kim Tin Walled Village is the best preserved one in Hong Kong with a history of 500 years. Because of this, Kim Tin Walled Village became a very unique place where have a strong icon in both architectural and historical background to be studied.

History of Kim Tin Walled Village

Kim Tin Walled Village was established during the reign of the Ming Chenghua Emperor. The walls enclosing Kim Tin Walled Village were built by Tang Chue-yin and Tang Chik-kin in the early years of the Kangxi reign of the Qing dynasty. The Six-Day War (1899) was fought between the British Empire and the major punti clans of the New Territories in Hong Kong on 14–19 April 1899. The Tang Clan rebelled against British Colonial rule and defended themselves in Kim Tin Walled Village. Following demands from the Tang Clan in 1924, the gate was eventually returned in 1925 by the 16th governor.

How to Get to Kim Tin Walled Village?

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Take the bus No.51 to Kam Tin at the Tsuen Wan Station Exit D or the Tsuen Wan Wharf and then go straight for 5 minutes. Or take the bus No.64 at the Tai Po Market Station of Kowloon-Canton Railway and debus at the Kam Tin Road.

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