Kangxi Grassland in Beijing

Why is the Kangxi Grassland in Beijing so Special?

Kangxi Grassland is the largest prairie in Beijing. It offers rich animal and plant resources. Among them, there are over 50 are grass species such as clover, wild chrysanthemum, and cogongrass, more than 20 species of bird such as herring-gull, wild duck, wild goose, grey crane, and more than 10 species of animal, such as wild rabbit, fox and badger.

Where is the Kangxi Grassland in Beijing?

Kangxi Grassland is located to the west of Kangzhuang town in Yanqing County, Yanqing District, Beijing. 

How to Get There

  • Take bus 919 or 919 Express from Deshengmen Station and get off at Yanqing Nancaiyuan Station. Transfer to Y40 and get off at the terminal station Kangxi Caoyuan Nanmen (South Gate of Kangxi Grassland). Y40 operates from 06:05 to 17:00.


Kangxi Grassland has the largest state-owned horse riding and running field in China. Tourists can whip up their horses, enjoy the grassland scenery, enjoy the wild interest and experience the northern and western customs. There are 100000 square meters of the racetrack, the professional equestrian club for equestrian coaches, Pittsburgh field sports camp, hunting ground, open Jeep driving project and aviation club. Kangxi grassland was rated as the capital civilized tourist attraction in 1997.

In the evening, you can hold a bonfire party, taste Mongolian style handpicked meat and roast whole sheep, and sing and dance in the open-air Bonfire Dance Hall and Mongolian karaoke hall. Kangxi grassland has built a large national folk custom resort in China, including grassland observation tower, lighting court, entertainment maze, fishing and boating, outdoor roller skating, camel running field, Three Kingdoms city and other entertainment and tourism projects.

In winter, the lake of Kangxi grassland is frozen, forming a natural skating rink. You can go skating, play ice sled, or break the ice and fish, and catch the snow of Hanjiang River alone.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Ticket fare: CNY 30
  • Opening Hours: All-day
  • The price of the horse riding is listed as below:
    Type Price (CNY) Targeted Visitors
    Gallop along the horse track  200/ hour  Skilled horse riders
    Slow ride along the horse track 100/ hour  Ordinary riders
    Ride on racecourses  30/ lap (about 1,200 yards)  Beginners
    Sightseeing in a coach along the horse track  100/ coach/ hour  All visitors

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