Junshan Island in Yueyang

Junshan Island

Facing Yueyang Pavilion in Dongting Lake, Junshan Island is in Yueyang City of Hunan Province. It is an island in Hunan province in China on Dongting Lake. It is only 0.96-square-kilometre in width.

History of Junshan Island

Legend said that 4,000 years ago during Emperor Shun’s inspection visit in the south, two concubines named “Ehuang” and “Nüying” followed him to Dongting Lake, but they were stopped by stormy weather. When they heard that Emperor Shun had died suddenly they cried bitterly that their teardrops turned the bamboo into mottled bamboo. Soon they died of overwhelming sadness and locals built a tomb on Junshan Island to commemorate them.

Main Attractions of Junshan Island

Junshan Island consists of 72 peaks on an oval-shaped island in Dongting Lake. It was initially called “Mount Xiang” in ancient times, also referred to as “Mount Dongting”.The name means Princesses’ Island, and derives from the legend of the Xiang River goddesses. It was formerly a Daoist retreat. Junshan Island is famed for cultural and historic relics.Junshan Island is full of historical sites such as the Tomb of Xiangfei. 

Junshan Island Scenic Area consists of Feilai Bell, Junshan Garden of Love, Liu Yi Well, Tomb of Xiangfei, Xiangfei Ancestral Temple, Xiaoyao Palace.

How to Get to Junshan Island?

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Independent Travel


1. Take a ferryboat at Junshan Wharf and get off at Junshan Island. It takes CNY 30 for a round trip. But this ferry runs only from June to September.
2. Take a boat at Nanyuepo Tourist Wharf to reach the island.
3. Take a yacht at Yueyang Pavilion to get to the island.


Take bus line 15 and get off at Junshan Park Station. The bus starts from Yueyang Railway Station; the major stops are Yueyang Pavilion, Dongting Lake Bridge, and Yueyang Pavilion Wharf.

Useful Travel Tips 

Admission Ticket

CNY 80.
Children of 3.9~ 4.6 feet (1.2~ 1.4 meters): CNY 40.
Children below 3.9 feet (1.2 meters): Free of charge


Junshan Island produces a lot of local specialities among which the most famous is Junshan Silver Needle Tea also known as “Gold Inlaid Jade”. The tea was listed as a tribute to the imperial family in the Tang dynasty (618–907). The golden tea leaves narrow and thin as needles, are wrapped by a layer of white filaments.

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