“Hua’r”, “ditty” and “banquet song” of Bonan Ethnic Group

The folk songs of Bao’an nationality are rich and colorful, such as “hua’r”, “ditty”, “banquet song” and “work song”, etc.

“Hua’r” is the main form of Bao’an nationality’s folk songs, mainly sung in the fields or in mountain areas. The Bao’an people ardently love “hua’r”, almost every person can be moved by the sight and extemporaneously sing.

Generally, the song words of Bao’an “hua’r” are in 6 sentences, or 4, 8, or 12 sentences, and even 48 sentences. The contents touch production, life and love, etc, the language is vivid and lively, and the figure of speech is appropriate and humorous. Most of the songs are sung in Chinese, while the words inserted in the lines for balance or euphony and the loanwords are also often sung in Tibetan language. Their sounds of songs are sonorous, loud and clear, in freedom and naturalness, sweet and beautiful. For example:

The white-porcelain bowls and fine flour,
The cotton felt spread on the heated kang; 
The life of Bao’an people is sweeter than honey, 
The gratitude to the Party is like the sea, with no sides.

Besides “hua’r”, the folk ditties are also quite popular. The ditties are generally sung on the New Year’s Day or on the day of jubilation. The contents are also very abundant, some of them condemn the feudal propriety, and others sing the praises of the new society and love life. Such as The Evergreen Four Seasons:

What flowers in the spring are fragrant? 
When the peonies are in blossom, the garden smells fragrant, 
The flowers are red, the willows are green, the day is sunny and the sun is warm, 
The little young girl accompanies her brother to relieve boredom, 
She is only 18 years old, 
My big eyes, 
The brother leads his young girl the way.

What water in the summer is clear? 
The flowing water in the mountain spring is clear during the four seasons, 
The flowers are red, the willows are green and the flowers of rapes are beautiful, 
The little young girl accompanies her brother to relieve boredom,
She is only 18 years old,
My peonies, 
The brother cannot forget his little young girl.

The “banquet song” is sung on the wedding day. The song words are witty and humorous, and the tune of songs is lively, bright, clear and beautiful. Generally, the young men in the village sing it together on the night of new wedding, with 2 persons leading and many people joining in the singing. All the people in the village can hear the sounds of songs, and share the happiness and joyfulness of the new wedding of the bridegroom and bride.