Great Wall Mesum in Jiayuguan

Why is Great Wall Mesum So Special?

Jiayuguan Great Wall Museum is the first museum in China to focus on the history and culture of the Great Wall, with a total exhibition area of 2700 square meters. The display content reflects the unity of academic, interesting and interactive, forming a display system with various forms, full and accurate history, strong visibility and high artistic taste.

Where is Great Wall Mesum

The original museum was built in Jiayuguan city in October 1989. The new museum is located in Jiayuguan cultural relic scenic area. it was built on may 1, 2003 and covers an area of 4,523.36 square meters with a total construction area of 3,499 square meters.

Main Attraction of Great Wall Mesum

The main building looks like a beacon tower, just like the beacon towers facing each other. The Great Wall is connected. It has seven exhibition halls, with the “Great Wall” as the main body, divided into four parts: “Great Wall of Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period”, “Great Wall of Qin and Han Dynasty”, “Great Wall of Northern Wei Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Liao Dynasty and Jin Dynasty” and “Great Wall of Ming Dynasty”. It integrates the research results of the Great Wall in the field of Chinese historiography and cultural relics and archaeology for more than half a century. It will build a 3,000-year history of the Great Wall from the Warring States Period to the Ming Dynasty, spanning 100,000 li. It will be concentrated in the form of chart models, text layout and color pictures. The exhibition space of more than 100 square meters not only provides great wall researchers with abundant information, but also enables ordinary visitors to have a whole and intuitive understanding of the evolution of the great wall of China in time and space in a short period of time.

The large-scale oil painting “Great Wall Great Wall Map” combines freehand brushwork and realism to condense the main landscapes of the Great Wall in eastern China, the Great Wall in central China and the Great Wall in western China into a picture scroll, striving to show the artistic conception of the Great Wall with grand momentum, spectacular scenery and profound cultural connotation. This oil painting covers an area of 220.5 square meters, which is the largest in northwest China. The ultra-realistic sculpture scene-“the sun gate in the west and the jade gate in the spring breeze” takes the sun gate and the jade gate in the Hexi great wall as the background and uses modern polymer materials as the expression technique to vividly reproduce the grand occasion of the cultural exchange between China and the west on the silk road in the prosperous Tang dynasty. The background oil painting of the scene of “drunk lying on the battlefield” depicts the magnificent and magnificent frontier scenery of “solitary smoke in the desert and sunset in the long river”. The sculpture vividly shows the optimistic and open-minded spirit of “drunk lying on the battlefield without laughing, fighting for a few people back in ancient times”, which describes the people who want to return to death, and reflects the cruelty, sadness and heroism of fighting for rest. There is a high-definition projection TV in the movie hall, which can accommodate 96 people to watch the movie “The Great Wall of the World” for about 15 minutes.

The museum also has “ancient Chinese weapons and equipment exhibition”, “Jiayuguan cultural relics exhibition”, “celebrity calligraphy and painting exhibition” and so on. He also collected more than 7,000 pieces of historical relics of various types and was praised as the “textbook of Great Wall culture”. The Great Wall Museum is a special museum integrating the Great Wall culture, the history of the Great Wall and the research results of Great Wall science. It is an antique castle-like building with simple appearance and unique style. The Great Wall has 121 display boards, more than 15,000 characters, 142 pictures, 20 models, 242 cultural relics, 38 duplicated cultural relics (sets), 11 groups of three-dimensional sculptures, 110 square meters of relief sculpture and 36 charts. Among them, the “Great Wall Brand”, “Yongle Bronze Gun” and “Jiayuguan Care Printing Plate” are all valuable materials for studying the history and culture of the Great Wall.

The cultural relic Chen Zhan of Jiayuguan Great Wall Museum is implemented in accordance with the national standard of Class-A second-class museums. The cultural relic Chen Zhan has made full use of modern scientific and technological methods such as sound, light and electricity. It is equipped with more advanced domestic facilities such as voice simultaneous translation system, automatic monitoring system, automatic constant temperature system, automatic fire alarm system and tourist inquiry system, which is the leading level in the museums in the province.

Best Time to Travel Great Wall Mesum

Visits to museums need not be restricted by seasons. At any time, you can come here to see amazing human relics and all other precious relics, so that you can know more about the prosperous and splendid civilization in this region.

How To Get There

  • By Bus
    Take bus no 4 and bus no 6 to get off at guancheng scenic spot station.

Useful Travel Tips

Entrance Fee Free
Opening Hours 8:30-12:30 (summer and autumn)
14:30-18:30 (summer and autumn)
8:30-12:00 (winter and spring)
14:30-18:00 (winter and spring)
  • Take good care of the exhibits, do not smoke, do not touch the exhibits casually, do not use flash to take pictures arbitrarily.
  • We should take good care of exhibition stands, lighting and other facilities in museums.
  • When visiting museums, you should keep quiet and not make any noise.

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