Balloons fly high over Gansu’s Danxia landscape

The first Zhangye (China) Colorful Danxia Hot Air Balloon Festival was held from Friday to Saturday in Zhangye, northwest China’s Gansu Province

The two-day event took place at the Zhangye Colorful Danxia Scenic Spot, the only area in the world with what is known as the Danxia landform and colorful hills. The area includes one of the world’s 10 magical geographical wonders, one of the world’s 22 most impressive vistas and the world’s most beautiful Danxia landform. 

Danxia landform refers to various landscapes found in southeast, southwest and northwest China that consist of a red surface and steep cliffs. During the event’s opening ceremony, 100 hot air balloonists from all over the country, took off at three different starting points at the same time, flying over the whole scenic spot, creating a beautiful sight. 

During the festival, the hot air balloons were on hand for four free flights and three sets of tethered flights over the colorful Danxia landscape. Visitors could take a hot air balloon and fly high, experiencing the sunrise and sunset from a unique perspective. They could also overlook the “Rainbow Mountain” above the sky and enjoy the magnificent scenery. 

The festival aims to bring awareness to the varied activities in the unique area. 

Source: China Daily                                                                            Update: July 25, 2019