Grand View Garden (Daguanyuan) in Beijing

Why is the Grand View Garden in Beijing so Special?

The Daguanyuan, variously translated as Grand View Garden or Prospect Garden, is a large landscaped interior garden in the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber, built within the compounds of the Rongguo Mansion. It is the setting for much of the story.

Where is the Grand View Garden in Beijing?

The Grand View Garden is located at No. 12 Nan Cai Yuan Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing.

How to Get There

  • Take bus 56, 59, 84, 122, 458, 474, 717, or Special Line 3, 12 (Inner), or Yuntong 102 and get off at Daguanyuan (Grand View Garden) Station.
  • Take bus 423 and get off at Daguanyuan Ximen (west gate of Grand View Garden) Station.
  • Take bus 351 or 676 and get off at Daguanyuan Xi Station.


The novel “The Dream of the Red Mansions” was written by Cao Xuequin during the Qing Dynasty. It is considered as one of the four great classics of Chinese literature. In the novel, the Grand View Garden was the residence of the Jia family, who was very wealthy. The novel’s main character is Baoyu, who lives in the home together with his relatives, including his two cousins. 

Main Attractions

Enjoyment Red Hall

Located at the southwest end of Beijing Grand View Garden, it is based on Jia Baoyu’s residence. There are plantains and begonias on both sides of the courtyard. The small bridge is on the outside. The three Bay vertical flower gate building is surrounded by a manuscript corridor, five main seats, three balconies, three auxiliary rooms in the East and west respectively. The main room has the title “happy red and green”.

Xiaoxiang Hall

Located in the south of Beijing Grand View Garden, it is Lin Daiyu’s residence after entering the Grand View Garden. There are three houses, one bright and two dark. There are bamboos in the courtyard. On the walls and windows, green bamboos are painted. The mottled bamboo is like the tears which are dotted, which reflects the image of the host and the public, the image of washing his face with tears and the lofty self-respect.

Qinfang Bridge

Located in the central axis of Beijing Grand View Garden, it’s where Lin Daiyu dated Jia Baoyu. The pool edge is white stone railing, three arches of stone bridge, and it’s the throat of the East and the West. Qinfang pavilion was built on the bridge, reflecting the people-oriented concept of garden making, and keeping visitors to watch.

Grand View Garden Temple Fair

Since 1996, the Spring Festival has been celebrated every year from the first day to the fifth day of the first lunar month. During the temple fair, visitors can watch the drama adapted from a dream of Red Mansions. Intangible cultural heritage includes face masks, sugar figurine, shadow play and papercut, etc. Generally, the entrance fee is 40 yuan per person.
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Useful Travel Tips

  • Admission Fee: 
    Day ticket: CNY 40
    Night ticket: CNY 70 (available from May to October)
  • Opening Hours: 
    Day: 07:30 – 17:30, ticket sale stops after 17:00
    Night: 18:00 – 21:00, ticket sale stops after 20:00

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