Tianjin Eye

Why is Tianjin Eye So Special?

The Ferris Wheel (Eye of Tianjin) is a 120-meter (394-foot) tall giant ferris wheel built on Yongle Bridge (formerly known as Chihai Bridge) over Haihe River in Tianjin, China. It is said that it is the only such wheel built on a bridge in the world. It is considered one of the landmarks of Tianjin.

Where is Tianjin Eye

Its full name is Tianjin Eye of Yongle Bridge, because it is built on the bridge over Haihe River in Hongqiao District of Tianjin City. The Eye of Tianjin was completed on April 22, 2008 and opened on April 16, 2009. It has become one of Tianjin’s landmarks.

History of Tianjin Eye

The construction of Tianjin Eye began in 2007 and the main project was completed on April 18, 2008. In April 2009, the wheel was opened to the public. When completed, Nanchang Star, London Eye and Singapore Flyer are only 160 meters (525 feet), 135 meters (443 feet) and 165 meters (541 feet) high respectively. Its diameter is 110 meters.

Tianjin Eye Basic Facts

  • Diameter: 110 meters (360 feet)
  • Highest point: 120 meters (394 feet)
  • Number of passenger compartments: 48
  • Passenger compartment area: 12 square meters (14 square yards) per compartment
  • Time for one rotation: 20-40 minutes

Main Attractions of Tianjin Eye

Jingang Bridge

Apart from taking the ferris wheel, it is also a good choice to overlook Tianjin and take photos. From a distance, this ferris wheel looks like an eye, which is how Tianjin’s eye is named. The best place is the Golden Port Bridge, about 800 meters (900 yards) south of Tianjin Eye. Standing on the bridge, Tianjin’s eyes surrounded by beautiful buildings along the Haihe River appear before your eyes. It is best to communicate with the Haihe River in the evening under the illumination of lights. You can see a totally different Tianjin here.

Night View

If you want to see the night view on the ferry, you must go on a clear night, you can see the whole Tianjin! It takes about 30-40 minutes to complete the journey, which is very lovely. Everything is bright at night and looks beautiful. Sitting in the space capsule of the ferris wheel and enjoying the beautiful scenery outside will be very romantic.

The Best Way to Visit Tianjin Eye

Overlooking Tianjin by Car

Tianjin Eye has 48 transparent passenger compartments with air conditioning, each of which can carry 8 passengers. Due to the number of passengers and the weather, it takes 20-40 minutes to complete one revolution. When you reach the highest point-120 meters (394 feet), which is equivalent to the height of 35 floors, you can see the scenery of Tianjin within 40 kilometers (25 miles).

Best Time to Travel Tianjin Eye

The best time to pay a visit is in June to September.

The main climatic characteristics are clear seasons, windy spring, drought and less rain. The summer is hot and the rain is concentrated. In autumn, the air is cool and the temperature is moderate. Winter is cold and dry with less snow. Therefore, late spring, early summer and autumn are the best seasons to visit Tianjin.

Recommended tourist routes

  • Ancient Culture Street
    Dock-Zhicheng Bridge-jiefang bridge-Ancient Culture Street Dock
  • Yongle Bridge Pier-Zhicheng Bridge-jiefang bridge-Yongle Bridge Pier
  • Ancient Culture Street Wharf-San Chakou-East Station Front Square-Ancient Culture Street Wharf (Open Boat)
    Sailing time: round trip about 40 minutes

How to Get There

  • Take bus line 516, 652, 910, sightseeing 1, and get off at Yongle Bridge Station or Yuanwei Road Station.
  • Take bus line 849, 954, and get off at Shijitianle Station.
  • Take bus line 1, 1inter-zone, 12, 34, 324, 609, 610, 610 inter-zone, 611, 619, 632, 641, 641 inter-zone, 659, 670, 702, and get off at Jingang Bridge Station.

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Fee
CNY 70 for adults.
CNY 35 for children below 1.2 meters (1.3 yards)
CNY 400 for a capsule limited to 5 passengers
10% discount for groups of 20 or more people who purchase adult tickets
Opening Hours
09:30 – 21:30 
Monday is not open to the public due to routine inspection.
Usually, on holidays, the ticket will be sold out around 17:00 and 18:00, therefore if there are conditions, please come early or avoid holidays.

Nearby Attractions

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