Yubeng Overview

Chinese Name: 雨崩村 English IPA: Yu Beng Cun Location: Northwest of Yunnan Population (city): 20 households Language: Tibetan Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Highlights of Yubeng

Ideal Place for Trekking Tour: The paradise at the foot of the Meili Snow Mountain: Yubeng, suitable for entry-level routes for hikers. If you want to go to Nepal – “a paradise for hikers”, and you are not sure whether your physical fitness can keep up exercise intensity, it is better to go to Yubeng to experience it.

Abundant Tourism Resources: Although Yubeng is a tiny Tibetan village in Northern Yunnan, it is the most studding place in Asia. Snow covered peaks are surrounded lush green valleys filled with birds, butterflies, flowers and prayer flags.

Minority Culture: There is an important Buddhism event, that is, Inner Circumambulating Pilgrimage. Yubeng is a destination among the Route of Inner Circumambulating Pilgrimage. 

Yubeng (Diqing) Travel Guide introduces useful travel information of Yubeng including travel tips, attractions, top things to do, tours, transportation, weather, climate, food, restaurants, accommodation, festivals, nightlife, activities, education, shopping, photos and maps.

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Yubeng Attractions

Yubeng Village Stays in beautiful and mythic valley, at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain. It is a great opportunity to trek around the mountain. On the one hand, visitors can experience natural sceneries, such as Ice Lake, Sacred Waterfall and Sacred Lake. On the other hand, visitors can walk through the age-old villages, ancient forests, flower-carpeted valleys, colorful meadows and enjoy the beauty around Yubeng Village. Visitors will see a great many twinkling stars are shinning at night. The smoke of cooking [...]

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Yubeng Tours

Yubeng hiking is one of the most fantastic experiences for hikers. These special trekking routes are usually combined with the destinations like Meili Snow Mountain, Three Parallel Rivers and Tiger Leaping Gorge. The classic short-term trail commonly starts Xidang Village, walk into Yubeng Village from there, then respectively head to three sacred places-Ice Lake, Sacred Waterfall, Sacred Lake. These trekking routes will bring you to step into the age-old villages, ancient forest, flower-carpeted valleys, beautiful meadows and undisturbed Tibetan monasteries. [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate The climate in Yubeng  belongs to cold temperate mountain monsoon climate. The climate is greatly affected by altitude. The latitude effect is not obvious. As the altitude rises, the temperature decreases and the precipitation increases. Most of the seasons are unclear. The winter is long and the summer is short. The dry season and wet season are usually obvious. The average annual rainfall is 633.7 mm. The precipitation in the rainy season from May to October accounts for 77.5% of the annual [...]

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Because of the unique topography, there are any roads to Yubeng Village, hiking and riding a horse are the only ways to go into and out Yubeng Village. Get in Usually tourists should take long-distance bus from Shangri-La to Deqin, then transfer to Xidang Hot Spring. Then you can ride horse or charter car to Nanzong Pass. From Nanzong Pass, tourists just can go hiking or ride horse to go into Yubeng Village.  There are four long-distance buses from Shangri-La to Deqin every day. They leave [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Yubeng Village is a sparsely populated region where there are just more than 20 households. Most of the inhabitants are Tibetans. The biggest event should be the Inner  Circumambulating Pilgrimage and the Outer Circumambulating Pilgrimage. There are two trekking routes, the one is Outer Circumambulating pilgrimage, the other is Inner Circumambulating Pilgrimage. The Inner Circumambulating is easier trekking route which will cost about 6 days, And the Outer Circumambulating Pilgrimage will take 7-15 days. The Route of Inner Pilgrimage 1. Xidang Village- Ninong Village- Lower Yubeng (Sacred Waterfall and Sacred Lake)-Upper Yubeng- Xidang [...]

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Travel Tips

‣ Best Time to Visit Yubeng • May to July: The scenery along the way is all green. However, the period during June to July is the rainy season of Yubeng Village so that the mountain road will be tough to go. • September to October: In August and September, the buckwheat flower is in full bloom. In the middle of September, the Euphorbia flowers turn red. At that time, Yubeng Village will become sea of flowers, beautiful and picturesque. • Middle of October to Early November: The autumn [...]

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Useful Maps

If you go to somewhere new, maps play significant role in your travel. Maps can indicate the directions and locations for you. The maps will be helpful, such as, the Tourism Attractions Map of Yubeng Village in Meili Snow Mountain, Transportation Map of Yubeng Village in Meili Snow Mountain, Location Map of Yubeng Village in Meili Snow Mountain, Trekking Route Map of Yubeng Village in Meili Snow Mountain, Travel Map of Outer Pilgrimage of Meili Snow Mountain. [...]

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Yubeng Accommodation

Since Yubeng Village is just developed in recent years and the transportation almost remain the same, there is the only way leading to Yubeng. The condition of accommodation may not like some hotels in modern cities. There are some wooden guesthouses in Tibetan style which will provide local food for customers. You can also enjoy a grand view of the big mountains. But, Some of the rooms are not equipped with an independent bathroom. In general, Yubeng is a good place for [...]

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