Xiangxi Administrative Divisions

In 2015, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture has jurisdiction over 1 county-level city, 7 counties, 1 provincial-level economic development zone. The People's Government is located in Jishou City.

Administrative Divisions Area(Sq.km) Population Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Jishou City(吉首市) 1,062 347,700(2017) Qianzhou Subdistrict Donghe Subdistrict(峒河街道), Zhenxi Subdistrict(镇溪街道), Qianzhou Subdistrict(乾州街道), Jifeng Subdistrict(吉凤街道), Shuangtang Subdistrict(双塘街道), Shijiachong Subdistrict(石家冲街道), Majing'ao Town(马颈坳镇), Aizhai Town(矮寨镇), Hexi Town(河溪镇), Danqing Town(丹青镇), Taiping Town(太平镇), Jilue Township(己略乡)
Luxi County(泸溪县) 1,569 314,000(2015) Wuxi Town Wuxi Town(武溪镇), Pushi Town(浦市镇), Dalan Town(达岚镇), Heshui Town(合水镇), Xinglong Town(兴隆场镇), Xixi Town(洗溪镇), Tanxi Town(潭溪镇), Xiaozhang Township(小章乡), Baiyangxi Township(白羊溪乡), Shiliuping Township(石榴坪乡), Jiefangyan Township(解放岩乡)
Fenghuang County(凤凰县) 1,751 339,700(2018) Tuojiang Town Liaojiaqiao Town(廖家桥镇), Chatian Town(茶田镇), Jixin Town(吉信镇), Laershan Town(腊尔山镇), Heku Town(禾库镇), Tuojiang Town(沱江镇), Alaying Town(阿拉营镇), Mujiangping Town(木江坪镇), Shanjiang Town(山江镇), Luochaojing Town(落潮井镇), Xinchang Town(新场镇), Ganziping Town(筸子坪镇), Qiangongping Town(千工坪镇), Shuidatian Township(水打田乡), Linfeng Township(林峰乡), Machong Township(麻冲乡), Lianglin Township(两林乡)
Huayuan County(花垣县) 1,111 312,700(2017) Huayuan Town Huayuan Town(花垣镇), Biancheng Town(边城镇), Jiwei Town(吉卫镇), Longtan Town(龙潭镇), Minle Town(民乐镇), Malichang Town(麻栗场镇), Yayou Town(雅酉镇), Shuanglong Town(双龙镇), Shilan Town(石栏镇), Changle Town(长乐乡), Maoer Township(猫儿乡), Buchou Township(补抽乡), 
Baojing County(保靖县) 1,760 310,000(2013) Qianling Town Qianling Town(迁陵镇), Maogou Town(毛沟镇), Fuxing Town(复兴镇), Shuitianhe Town(水田河镇), Hulu Town(葫芦镇), Bier Town(比耳镇), Qingshuiping Town(清水坪镇), Wanmipo Town(碗米坡镇), Lvdongshan Town(吕洞山镇), Purong Town(普戎镇), Yangchao Township(阳朝乡), Changtanhe Township(长潭河乡)
Guzhang County(古丈县) 1,286 132,200(2016) Guyang Town Guyang Town(古阳镇), Gaofeng Town(高峰镇), Yantouzhai Town(岩头寨镇), Pingba Town(坪坝镇), Duanlongshan Town(断龙山镇), Hongshilini Town(红石林镇), Morong Town(默戎镇)
Yongshun County(永顺县) 3,809 448,500(2016) Lingxi Town Lingxi Town(灵溪镇), Furong Town(芙蓉镇), Xiaoxi Town(小溪镇), Zejia Town(泽家镇), Shouche Town(首车镇), Shiti Town(石堤镇), Yongmao Town(永茂镇), Qingping Town(青坪镇), Shaba Town(砂坝镇), Tawo Town(塔卧镇), Songbai Town(松柏镇), Wanping Town(万坪镇), Liangpen Township(两岔乡), Xiqi Township(西歧乡), Duishan Township(对山乡), Ruiya Township(润雅乡), Langxi Township(朗溪乡), Wanmin Township(万民乡), Maoba Township(毛坝乡), Yanjing Township(盐井乡), Cheping Township(车坪乡), Gaoping Township(高坪乡), Kesha Township(颗砂乡)
Longshan County(龙山县) 3,127 606,000(2018) Min'an Subdistrict Xiluo Town(洗洛镇), Shipai Town(石牌镇), Ciyantang Town(茨岩塘镇), Shuitianba Town(水田坝镇), Hongyanxi Town(红岩溪镇), Nongchen Town(农车镇), Xiche Town(洗车河镇), Maoertan Town(苗儿滩镇), Dianfang Town(靛房镇), Liye Town(里耶镇), Zhaoshi Town(召市镇), Guitang Town(桂塘镇), Daan Township(大安乡), Maoping Township(茅坪乡), Luota Township(洛塔乡), Zanguo Township(咱果乡), Neixi Township(内溪乡), Min'an Subdistrict(民安街道), Huatang Subdistrict(华塘街道), Xinglong Subdistrict(兴隆街道), Shigao Subdistrict(石羔街道)
Xiangxi Economic Development Zone(湘西经济开发区) 18.85 20,000(2017) Jifeng Subdistrict Shuanghe Community(双河社区), Longfeng Community(龙凤社区),  Wanxi Community(湾溪社区), Mulinping Community(木林坪社区), Guniuping Community(牯牛坪社区), Pengpeng'ao Community(捧捧坳社区), Ganziping Village(筸子坪村), Liaojiachong Village(廖家冲村)

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