Xiangxi Festivals and Events

Xiangxi, a place with many ethnic minorities, has many unique folk festivals and the strong customs, which have become the major scenery line of Hunan Tourism. Although there are many traditional festivals in China, the most exciting is undoubtedly unique festivals for tourism. Here, China Dragon Tours will introduce the representative ethnic festivals in Xiangxi.

Spring Dragon Festival(春龙节)

Time: February 2 of Lunar Calendar
Location: Xiangxi, Hunan
The Chunlong Festival, or Spring Dragon Festival falls on the second day of the second month on Chinese Lunar calendar, or Er Yue Er. It is regarded by the Chinese people as the day when the "dragon raises its head", which means the spring awakens after winter hibernation, and the rain will increase.

Xiangxi Miao's New Year Festival(湘西苗族新年)

Time: October of Lunar Calendar
Location: Xiangxi, Hunan
The Miao's New Year Festival is a traditional festival to offer sacrifices to the Miao's ancestors and to celebrate a bumper harvest in the tenth lunar month. However, the exact date varies each year and is only disclosed one or two months in advance.Various activities such as spinning top, walking on stilts, doing Miao embroidery, weaving belt, preparing pork for the new year, and having long street banquet, not only roused childhood memory of the adults but also attracted children’s great attention.

New Year of Tujia Minority(土家新年)

Time: June 25 of Lunar Calendar, October of Lunar Calendar
Location: Tujia Villages
Tujia people celebrate the New Year for three times, namely "Guogan Year(过赶年)" on the 29th or 28th of December in the lunar calendar, "June Year(六月年)" on June 25 in the lunar calendar. and "October Year(十月年)" on October in the lunar calendar and they generally hold these festivals in the Tujia Minority Villages.

Tujia June 6(土家六月六)

Time: June 6 of Lunar Calendar
Location: Tujia Towns and Villages
Tujia June 6 is celebrated on June 6 in the lunar calendar and is held in Tujia Towns and Villages. Tujia June 6 has a very rich festival customs, some related to the sky, some related to the earth, some related to God and some related to the ancestors. The customs related to the sky are mainly "worshiping the Sun God." Some Tujia people in Xiangxi think that June 6 is the birthday of the sun. Therefore, it is necessary to worship the sun god, pray for the sun god to give sunshine,  and ensure a good harvest.

Girls' Day of the Miao Minority(苗族女儿节)

Time: April 8 of Lunar Calendar
Location: Xiangxi, Hunan
The Girls' Day of the Miao Minority falls on the 8th day of the 4th lunar month. It embodies the profound respect of the Miao people towards female. On Girls' Day, married Miao girls will come back to their parents' houses and the family holds a solemn ceremony to worship their ancestors. The day is also a festival for young Miao people in love.

Flower-jumping Festival of Miao(苗族跳花节)

Time: April 8 of Lunar Calendar
Location: Fenghuang County, Xiangxi
The flower-jumping festival of Miao People in Fenghuang is celebrated on the Tuojiang River of Hunan Province. This festival is one of the famous festivals of Miao People in Fenghuang, which has a long history. During the festival, the Miao people, especially young men and women, will be dressed in festival costumes. The women will be wrapped with adornments, such as a silver bell, silver bead and silver chains. Men play traditional music instruments and dance with women, who shake their bells and handkerchiefs.