Xiangxi Shopping

The beautiful scenery attracts many people to visit Xiangxi, so what special products are in Xiangxi? China Dragon Tours will tell you the main local products in Xiangxi as follows: 

What to Buy in Xiangxi

Miao Embroidery(苗族刺绣)

The Miao Embroidery has been included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. In recent years, Huayuan County has invested more than four million yuan in developing new crafts and products of the Miao embroidery and brocade, and training and passing on the technique. It has strongly supported the development of the industry of the Miao embroidery, listing it as a key task of poverty alleviation and introduced it to the market while encouraging better perseverance of the culture. The annual output value of Miao embroidery industry has exceeded one hundred million yuan. Its products have been exported to more than ten overseas countries including Japan, the United States, Germany, France, and Australia.

Maojian Tea in Guzhang County(古丈毛尖)

Maojian tea in Guzhang County is a famous tea with a long history. It is made through eight processes: withering, fixation, rolling, firing with hot pan, spreading for cooling, shaping, drying and sorting. Maojian tea was once exhibited in the international fair in Leipzig, Germany and awarded as “the Famous Tea in Hunan Province” five times in a row since 1980. In the national famous tea competition held by the Ministry of Commerce of China in Changsha in 1982, the Maojian Tea in Guzhang earned the title of National Famous Tea and also won the High Quality Product Certificate of Honor issued by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of China the same year.

Miao Bandhnu in Fenghuang County(凤凰苗族扎染)

Bandhnu is a traditional printing and dyeing handicraft in China. Miao Bandhnu in Fenghuang County has a long history. Bandhnu prints, which are beautiful, elegant, ancient and simple, are the competitive products of folk handiworks in Fenghuang County. Bandhnu prints can be designed to meet any needs and made into wall hanging, folding screens, quilt covers, desk covers, clothes and so on. The products are so unique with distinctive national style and strong national flavor.

Fenghuang Ginger Sugar(凤凰姜糖)

Ginger sugar, the most characteristic local specialty of Fenghuang County, is a local snack made since two or three hundred years. Initially, locals used to make ginger sugar for guests and children on all occasions; however, with the development of tourism, this snack has become a regular favorite with tourists for its taste and function of curing cold.

Jiugui(Drunkard) Liquor(酒鬼酒)

This liquor is brewed with high-quality sorghum and water from the three springs called respectively "Dragon Spring", "Phoenix Spring" and "Beast Spring" located at Shoutangka on the outskirts of Jishou. It is well known for its unique flavor, the bottle containing the liquor and its particular name. Jiugui in Chinese means "Drunkard".

Tujia Brocade(土家织锦)

The particular fabric of Tujia people was once an article of tribute to the emperor. Products made of Tujia Brocade, such as handbags, purses, landscape tapestries and other brocade handicrafts, are much favorite souvenirs.

Xiangxi Miao Cross-Stitch Work(湘西十字绣)

Xiangxi Miao Cross-stitch work is a kind of handicraft, which needs very high technical requirements. A piece of cloth is fixed onto a square frame of bamboo and the worker starts to embroider life-like patterns on the cloth with dark-blue thread.

Where to Buy in Xiangxi

1. Shopping Street in Fenghuang Ancient Town

The shopping street is lined with various stores and restaurants. Goods in the stores such as batik, tie-dye cloth, silver ornaments and other handicraft items are exquisitely made. The street is a good place for shopping.

2. The Recommended Markets and Shopping Plazas in Xiangxi

  • Lingdu Silvery Ornaments
    Characteristics: Miao silver ornaments
    Add: Pedestrian Street, Jishou
    Tel: (+86)0743-8234520
  • JeansWest
    Characteristics: Selected garment ornaments
    Add: East Tuanjie Road, Jishou
    Tel: (+86)0743-8253808
  • Jishou Market
    Characteristics: Clothes and general merchandise
    Add: 77 N. Renmin Rd., Jishou
    Tel: (+86)743-8224448
  • Biancheng Shopping Plaza
    Characteristics: Clothes and general merchandise
    Add: 99 N. Renmin Rd., Jishou
    Tel: (+86)743-8663288
  • Carrefour
    Characteristics: Supermarket
    Add: 14 M, Tuanjie Rd., Jishou
    Tel: (+86)743-8233518

3. "Ganji" in Xiangxi

"Ganji", also known as "Ganchang", is a bazaar for rural people. Not only you can find rich and cheap farmers' goods here, but also the products with unique local characteristics. It is also a place for girls of Miao Ethnic Group to compete with each other in various colorful national costumes. It takes place every five days in almost every village or town in Fenghuang County. The timetable of "Ganji" in Fenghuang County is as follows:

Location Date in the Lunar Calendar
Liaojiaqiao Town(廖家桥镇) 3rd, 8th, 13th, 18th, 23th and 28th of every month
Alaying Town(阿拉营镇) 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22th and 27th of every month
Jixin Town(吉信镇)(near Huangsiqiao and south Great Wall in Fenghuang) 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th of every month
Shanjiang Town(山江镇) 3rd, 8th, 13th, 18th, 23th and 28th of every month
Laershan Town(腊尔山镇) 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22th and 27th of every month
Heku Town(禾库镇) 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21th and 26th of every month

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